Rocky Mountain Element 970 RSL


Rocky Mountain Element 970 RSL

3,740.00 5,500.00

o   Travel: 100mm (F) / 95mm (R)

o   Wheel Size: 29"

o   Intended Use: XC, XC-Race

o   The Element was in a class of its own when we introduced it in 1996. 19 years later, XC race courses demand even more from athletes, and the Element stays true to its performance racing heritage. Its SMOOTHWALL™ carbon frame is astonishingly light, and its SMOOTHLINK™ suspension is tuned for traction and efficiency.

o   To provide a balanced, fast rolling 29” wheeled platform, the engineering team chose a confidence inspiring bottom bracket drop and an aggressive 70.6° head tube angle. The Element’s geometry lends itself to a smooth, carving feel into and out of corners, providing maximum control and exit-speed.

o   So, whether you’re lining up at a stage race start line or heading out the door for a marathon hammerfest, the Element’s aggressive geometry, point-and-shoot rigidity, and unmatched ride quality will have you dropping the pack.

Size: Medium

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