Rocky Mountain Instinct 950 MSL (2014)


Rocky Mountain Instinct 950 MSL (2014)

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Named after its instinctive ability to tame a variety of terrain, the Instinct is the perfect platform for epic exploration. RIDE-9™ makes it easy to precisely adjust the geometry and suspension, while its 130mm of SMOOTHLINK™ travel keeps you out of the weeds without bogging you down on the climbs.

“The Instinct is a worthy contender for anyone in the market for a bike that they can ride proper trails on all day long. A quick tweak of the geometry and the bike is ready to tackle just about anything. That’s not something you can say of most 29’ers." - Jonathan Taylor, [R]evolution MTB Magazine Australia

o   Highlights:

o   New SMOOTHWALL™ Carbon MSL models

o   RIDE-9™ System allows for setup from XC marathon to aggressive trail

o   Efficient, fast-feeling long travel SMOOTHLINK™ Suspension

Size: Small

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