Best 16-inch bikes for Kids Aged 4 to 6 in 2022

Children always want the things that they see. If today they see an adult ride a bike, tomorrow they will lead you to get them one. Getting them one will take them a step ahead of becoming an adult. You might be concerned about their safety but independence shall always be taught from an early age.

While you worry about their safety and your budget, here is a list of the best 16inch bikes for your kid.

Best 16-inch bikes for Kids

Usually, a 16-inch bike can be used by a kid up to 8 years of age. In this article, the ones we have shortlisted comes in 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch sizes. You can select the one by choosing the ‘select’ button in the links we have provides under every bike.

1. Guardian Ethos 16

GUARDIAN Bike Company Ethos Safer Patented SureStop Brake...

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Guardian bikes are the first pick for every parent. In the Ethos series, it has focused on designing the bike as easy for a child to ride. Following that plan, they have used bike parts that fit smaller bodies. The bike has less pedal distance, low step height, and short arms so that your child can ride safely with their Ethos. Moreover, Guardian passes their bikes after 34 safety checkpoints to ensure you get the safest ride every time.


  • Guardian is one of the most trusted brands by parents. The bike is very convenient and no doubt on the parts and durability of a Guardian product!
  • It is designed with SureStop brakes that are easy to reach. Since the brake is easy to grab, the chances of an accident are very less.
  • Small hands can hold the brakes very easily.
  • Since a child of age 4 to 6 will be handling the weight of the bike, the designers have kept the bike light in weight. The frame, the design is lightweight.
  • The pop up colors on the bike make it look attractive to kids.


  • There are no cons from the brand regarding designing. This is a kid’s bike. Cons depend if the kid is comfortable in riding this or not.

2. Schwinn Hopscotch & Toggle Quick Build Kids Bike

Schwinn Hopscotch & Toggle Quick Build Kids Bike, 12-16-Inch...

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Schwinn rules the market for bikes. Since 1895, it has designed bicycles that have given cyclists the best experiences ever. The Schwinn Kids bike range is a lot promising. Parents rely on the brand for its reputation and the safety it provides for every child.


  • The bike is very easy to assemble.
  • It is a great starter for kids to learn riding bicycles.
  • The lightweight frame bike has narrow pedal positions to give a stable hold on feet.
  • The seat is comfy to ride for a longer time.
  • It has a single-speed drivetrain which is very easy for kids to use.
  • The intuitive pedal (rear coaster) brake gives security stops every time.
  • The saddle is kid-friendly so it comes with a handle giving some storage space to your kid for carrying toys.
  • The seat is adjustable. Your kid can use this bike as they grow.
  • The training wheels are removable.


  • Children above 6 years might find this bike a bit small.

3. Segway Ninebot Kids bike with Training Wheels Kickstand

Segway Ninebot Kids Bike for Boys and Girls, 14 inch with...

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Segway is pretty well-known for providing quality bikes for kids. The design of this Ninebot Kids bike is minimal with top-notch features. The bike is easy to carry. You can carry it to distant playgrounds with your kid and give them a new experience to ride in new places.


  • The bike is designed with special geometry for easy learning.
  • The bike is portable and lightweight for you to carry.
  • It is made of specialized aerospace-grade aluminum to give a sturdy and durable finish.
  • The adjustable seat is made for comfort, stability for your little one’s fun time.
  • The Segway Ninebot looks after children’s safety. Hence, they have kept the chain fully enclosed to avoid any minute injury while riding. It has a soft full coverage silicon bridge to protect your child while getting in or out of the bike.
  • The pneumatic tires give the bike an adult-bike like finish. The tires are safe and sturdy.


  • Some buyers said pushing the pedal requires great effort. It might not be a con as it depends on the strength and how well you maintain the bike.

4. NiceC BMX Kids Bike with Dual Disc Brake

NiceC BMX Kids Bike with Dual Disc Brake for Boy and Girl...

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NiceC claims their bikes to be the perfect one for every child. They look extremely fashionable and sturdy while riding on the road. It has unique features that promise safety whether your kid rides the bike on road, in the backyard, or indoors.


  • The lightweight magnesium alloy frame gives the bike a sturdy appearance and minimal weight.
  • the extra thick tires give proper balance while riding on an uneven surface.
  • You get a pair of training wheels to help your munchkin learn biking effortlessly.
  • It has a dual safe brake system that comes with a broad coaster disc brake and front v-brake so that your child rides safely.
  • It has a single-piece foam saddle, soft TPR grips, and anti-slip resin made pedals with reflectors.
  • Overall, the bike is delicately designed with a sturdy appearance. It is pretty easy to assemble too.


  • Recheck the brakes while assembling the pieces. Shipping might cause little to severe damage on the brakes which can be dangerous.

5. RoyalBaby Kids Bike Honey Buttons

RoyalBaby Honey Button Kids Bike Boys Girls Bicycles 12 14...

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RoyalBaby has designed their bikes royally for the kid’s fun time comfort. The bike appears to be cute. It does not have a lot of small parts. Therefore, it is simple to assemble boxed packaging.


  • The soft and adjustable seat brings comfort along with joy.
  • The 2.4” wide tires appear to be sturdy and move swiftly on uneven surfaces.
  • The training wheels are removable and give heavy-duty services without any bend.
  • The bike comes with a full chainguard to amplify the safety in each ride.
  • The pedals are anti-slip to give a smooth rotation at each pedal.


  • Everyone who has bought this bike for their toddlers has loved the overall service of the product.


BELSIZE is one of those brands that design lightweight bikes despite having multi-structure construction. Most of the kid’s bike in recent times has minimum weight, unlike traditional bicycles. The uniqueness of this BELSIZE bike is that it comes with a luxurious belt drive to keep the ride free from metal squeaking noises.


  • The soft mushroom grips provide comfort every time your child holds them.
  • The rust-proof aluminum frame has a unique geometry giving a sturdy shape to the bike.
  • The adjustable seat post gives the bike a longer life.
  • It has a black leather saddle that is perfectly curved to fit rightly.
  • The pedals are made of Polyurethane bearing which looks great on the bike.
  • The 16.5” tires are specially made for riding on any surface. Try to avoid uphill or downhill as it might be dangerous. On place surface, this bike is bound to give a high-grade performance.


  • There are no cons to this bike. Though it might seem a bit pricy, the deal is worth paying for.

7. REVERE Bike Brave 16” Freestyle BMX Galaxy

Brave 16' Freestyle BMX Galaxy Oil Slick Kids Bike for Boys...

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Kids grow up fast. Instead of spending on a normal toddler bike, give the REVERE Galaxy Bike a shot. You and your little one will love it.

It is one of the finest products of the brand. REVERE bikes are exactly the place where no parents have to sacrifice the quality of bikes for low pricing. That’s a bonanza scheme; you get the highest quality with affordable pricing.


  • The bike is designed to last for a longer time. it is sturdy and weighs 22 lbs only.
  • The crisscross spike makes the bike look great holding the wheel firmly to the design.
  • The chain guard looks transparent while giving the feet protection from the chain.
  • The training wheels that the company provides are devoid of any tools. They are simple, easy, and fast to get rid of. You can reinstall them anytime which is also easy.
  • A little gravel cannot stop your child from having fun. The high volume tire can rotate at any surface smoothly.


  • The bike would have been an all-rounder if it had a basket at the front.
  • The chain is not fully covered.


Bikes are unisexual to use. Though the creators of Cycmoto wants it to be only for boys, your girl can ride this to anyplace she wants!

Cycmoto has an extraordinary design for this bike. The wheels are sturdy with a strong brake system which is easy to handle. The removable training wheels look very sturdy. The chain guard has a graphical design which makes it look attractive.


  • The bike has a Coast brake (foot brake) and Caliper Brake (hand brake). The two brakes offer double safety to make sure children are safe while having fun.
  • The bicycle is pretty easy to assemble. It takes only 15 minutes.
  • The seat has a kid-friendly fabric. It has an adjustable height so that you can use it for a longer time.
  • The training wheels will help your child learn biking faster.
  • The full chain guard prevents the chain from falling or trapping any clothing of the kid’s leg.
  • The bike is made of Hi-Ten Steel frame which is light in weight and durable.


  • It is advised to check the packaging once arrives at your doorstep.
  • It does not come with any warranty period.


JOYSTAR focuses on Kid’s cycling and fitness. Hence, they have designed their entire Cruiser range for girls and boys. Your kid can be young and small, but shall not stop having fun due to an ill-fitting bike. The brand comes with adjustable seating so that height does not matter much while biking. The available sizes are 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16 inches.

Besides this Cruiser Bike, JOYSTAR also has other range of bikes which are specially made for children.


  • The bike features a rubber air tire that provides wonderful gripping and stability irrespective of the weather outside.
  • The hi-Ten steel frame looks elegant giving a durable performance. The unique design frame has great impact resistance too.
  • The coaster brake provides control in speed with minimum effort from those little feet. You only have to turn the wheel back to implement brake.
  • Extra balance is always good. The training wheels are easily removable and sturdy when active.


  • Some buyers have claimed the bike to be a bit heavier than the others available in the market.
  • The wheels are weak. Some buyers claimed it to come off after a few weeks.


Riding a bike in childhood can be joyous with the right protection and gear. JOYSTAR gives your kid a lifelong experience of riding in very friendly ways.

This model from JOYSTAR is named Vintage because of its appearance and sturdy finishing. The Vintage Bikes come in three subtle shades – Vintage Beige, Pink, and Green. Despite the color, the specifications remain unchanged for three.


  • The training wheels implement safe cycling.
  • The saddle that the bike features are shock-proof. Hence, on a bumpy surface, your kid’s back will not be hurt.
  • The handbag is made of leather which adds a unique design in the Vintage range. The grip is softer to those little hands than regular rubber grips.
  • It has a classy looking big basket so that your munchkin can carry the necessities in the basket and play.
  • The body of the bike is 85% assembled. Only the tire needs a pump to fit into the case.


  • The bike is heavy.
  • The instructions in the package are poorly given. Hence, assembling the remaining parts can be a bit hectic.
  • Some buyers have claimed that the pedals do not spin.

Things to consider before buying a Kid’s Bike

Kids love to explore. Imagine your little one going out with neighbor kids, playing in a nearby backyard, and making memories! This forms the backbone of childhood and helps them in socializing.

But, choosing the right bike for your kid might take you to a lot of homework. If you are reading this at home or office, take note of everything listed under this section so that your child gets the perfect one it needs.

When talking about the first bike for your child, being a parent you would always want to make it special. By selecting the right brand, give your child the right comfort, safety, and memories in higher standards.

1. Height and Age

Here, in this article, we have shortlisted bikes of three sizes, fit for 4 years to 8 years of age. The inches mentioned here are wheel sizes. The height and age features vary from one brand to another. The good thing is that for every kid, the balance develops at the same pace. Hence, height and age impact more when used with correct ability.

2. Bike Size

The best sizes for 4 to 6 years are 16 to 18-inch bikes. If your child is taller than a regular child of the said age group, go for a 20-inch bike. The size of the bike gives more room for growth.

Nowadays, almost all bikes have adjustable seating. You can increase the height of the seat according to your child’s comfort in the pedal.

3. Bike Material

Bike material plays a major role in selecting a bike for your child. After all, it is the weight they would carry at the time of riding their bike.

A regular 16-inch bike is made of aluminum or steel frame.

The steel frame is very durable which is advantageous as the bike will be used by children. The disadvantage of the steel frame is the weight. They are quite heavy due to the different components they are made of.

Aluminum frames are lighter in weight. They are as durable as the steel ones.

4. Gears

16-inch bikes feature single gear.

Do not choose multiple gear products as it might shift your child’s focus from learning bicycle riding to experimenting with the gears.

5. Brakes

Choose a bike that has a mixture of the caliper and coaster brakes. Bikes with both these features are a bit expensive. but, at the end of the day, you will be sure that the mixed brake will ensure safety for your kid while riding.

6. Air-filled tires

The 16-inch bikes come in Air-filled tires with inner tubes.

The air-filled tires are very comfortable to ride as the air pressure can be controlled. Low air pressure ensures a cushy ride which is better if your kid rides off the road.

On-road, make sure the air pressure is higher to provide a decrease in the high rolling resistance.

7. Training wheels and Kickstand

Training wheels are important to learn balance while riding. Make sure your bike has removable training wheels.

The kickstand helps in parking the bike and is optional.

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