Best Bicycle Saddle Bags in 2022

Bike riding can have a positive effect on your body and the environment. It will keep you fit while cutting down on the use of resources. Bike riding is also a great pastime for people wanting some fresh air in the outdoors. If you don’t wish to carry a bag on your shoulders to store your essential items, a bicycle saddle bag is an ideal solution. Bicycles saddle bags will attach underneath the seat of your bike with the help of Velcro straps or clips.

Best Bicycle Saddle Bags

The top-notch bicycle saddlebags will not impact your riding and put less pressure on your bike. You need a bike saddle bag that will not mess with the aerodynamics of your bike. Bicycle saddlebags are essential as they will allow you to carry the emergency repairs tools. Some saddlebags are 100% waterproof while others have commendable water-resistance features.

With thousands of saddlebags in the market, it can get confusing at times. To help you buy the best bicycle saddle bag, we have penned down the ten best bicycle saddlebags to buy in 2020.

1. BV Strap-on Bicycle Saddle Bag

BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag/Seat Bag/Cycling Bag

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BV is here to provide an innovative bike saddlebag for all bike riders. Whether you ride a bicycle for commuting, recreational or touring purposes this saddlebag is the best pick. It will add more convenience and comfort to your ride. Made of impact-resistant mesh fabric this saddlebag from BV will last years. It comes in multiple sizes including compact, medium and large.


  • It can expand to fit in more of your items. However, the expandable feature is only for the large and medium-size.
  • It comes with a strap-on installation design to keep the saddlebag secured.
  • The zippered opening offers more convenience.
  • It also comes with a top-notch 3M Scotchlite reflective patch and taillight hanger. It ensures optimum night safety.


  • The saddlebag is not waterproof
  • The small size is not expandable

2. WOTOW Repair Tools Kits Bicycle Saddle Bag

WOTOW Bike Repair Tool Kit Saddle Bag Set, Bicycle 14 in 1...

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This bag from WOTOW is a saviour in all camping, commuting, trekking and hiking purposes. The repair tool kit will come handy if your bike breaks down in the middle of the road. The multifunction tool kit and saddlebag combo are all you need to ensure a safe ride. The repair tool kit comes with 14 essential items including a chain breaker, screwdriver and Allen Wrench.


  • It comes in a polyester fabric with a zippered pocket. It is compatible with all types of bikes.
  • It offers a stainless steel bicycle chain hook which will help to replace your chain.
  • All the metal tools are handy, compact and durable.
  • It comes with a quick-mount system to ensure easy release and installation.


  • It doesn’t come with all the hex screws needed for proper bike repairs.

3. Topeak Aero Velcro Saddle Bag

Topeak   TC2261B Aero Wedge Pack with Strap Mount, Medium

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Topeak offers a conventional triple nylon fabric saddle bag with a Velcro strap mount. It comes with snap buckles to ensure easy installation and detachment. It also provides a 3M reflective strip and a light attachment place. All riders can use it, whether they are amateur or professional.


  • It is made of top-notch materials and tested for durability.
  • It has a large opening to fit all your essentials items in one place.
  • It comes with a 1200 denier nylon fabric with a coating to offer stain and water resistance.
  • It also offers a RedLite Clip to provide night protection.


  • The smaller size may not fit all your essential items.


ROCK BROS offers a top-notch saddlebag made of 600D nylon with TPU waterproof cover film. It provides an incredible waterproof functionality and has a capacity of 12-14L. You can put all your stuff, including your compact sleeping bag and clothes. It is perfect for long-distance rides and bikepacking.


  • It comes in a high-quality fabric to protect the interiors from getting compressed or squeezed.
  • It comes with a Velcro strap to hold the saddlebag in place. It is ideal for solo trips and long-distance rides.
  • It provides unparalleled waterproof performance in rain, snow or other extreme weather conditions.
  • It is adjustable and foldable to save the expenses of buying multiple bags.
  • It is easy to clean and has reflective straps to boost night visibility.


  • The buckles can seem a bit flimsy to attach.

5. Rhinowalk Mountain Road Waterproof Saddle Bag

Waterproof Bicycle Saddle Bag Bike Bag Under seat Bag...

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Carrying a backpack will provide discomfort and sweating while travelling a long distance. Rhinowalk is here to relieve shoulder pain with their large bicycle saddlebag. It comes with a robust four-point attachment to prevent all vibrations. The custom plastic buckle will enhance the bearing capacity. Enjoy safe riding with the reflective strip and multi-position taillight hang hole.


  • It comes with a 10L capacity to hold all repair kits, clothes and helmet.
  • It has waterproof features to keep your items well protected from the rain.
  • It comes with a 600D TPU waterproof material and 840D double bifilar nylon material.
  • The concise style will minimize air resistance to boost your cycling speed.


  • It doesn’t have multiple storage compartments. 

6. Roswheel Waterproof ATTACK Series Bicycle Saddle Bag

Roswheel ATTACK Series 131372 Waterproof 3-10 Liters...

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Roswheel offers a saddlebag with roll-top closure design with adjustment facilities. It will meet your varying capacity needs. The TPU liner material will keep your items airtight and waterproof. Your bag will stay dry even in the case of a heavy downpour. It comes with a 5cm super wide strap made of Velcro. It also offers buckles to keep the bag in the place even in bumpy road conditions.


  • It provides an elastic strap to hold additional materials like raincoat or umbrellas. You can also tighten the bag to minimize the movement of your stuff.
  • It is made of tear-resistant, strong jacquard nylon material to offer exceptional durability.
  • The Velcro straps offer a universal fit and are compatible with all bike seats.


  • It may make a swinging movement if you fit in too many heavy items.

7. LEZYNE Water-resistant Road Caddy Bicycle Saddle Bag

LEZYNE Road Caddy Bicycle Seat Bag, Medium Size, Water...

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LEZYNE offers a compact bike saddle bag specially designed for the minimalist bikers. It comes with big Velcro straps to hold the bag securely underneath the saddle. It is made of woven nylon fabric to offer outstanding durability and support. It has an extra-large clamshell opening to ensure easy access. It also has an internet sub-pocket to keep your small and essential items.


  • It has hook and loop Velcro straps to facilitate easy access.
  • It has reflective loops and logos to enhance night visibility and safety.
  • It has a rugged TPU built with engineered roll-up strap designs.
  • It comes with a high-frequency welded design seam to ensure it’s longevity.


  • The capacity is small compared to other brands.

8. Brooks England Wight Saddle Bag

Brooks Isle of Wight Saddle Bag

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The Isle of Wight Saddle Bag by Brooks England is a premium pick to keep your items safe and secure. It is made of genuine leather and waterproof material. It also features a double zip closure for ensuring easy access to your items. It has sufficient room to fit all your tools and stuff. You can buy the larger version or hiking or backpacking trips.


  • It comes with a blue sign certificate to ensure its quality. The water-resistant and vegetable-tanned leather will offer unmatched durability.
  • It offers stylish functionality and quick mounting. It requires no tools to attach the bag to your seat.
  • The unique double zipper will keep your valuables safe and protected.


  • It is a bit pricey compared to other models.

9. Lizard Skins Cache Bicycle Saddle Bag

Lizard Skins li9721 Blk Bag Unisex Adult, Black

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Lizard Skins is here to bring the perfect balance between storage capacity and lightweight. It has enough room to fit multi-tools, tire levers, key, wallet, inner tube, and others. It offers a 1000D water-resistant material to keep your valuables safe from unpredictable weather conditions.


  • It is made of Amara synthetic layer coupled with a water-resistant fabric.
  • The durable fabric will stay strong against all impacts during bike riding.
  • The bag is incredibly lightweight to put minimum pressure on the bike.


  • It is not water-proof and has less functionality for it’s the price.

10. Lumintrail Bicycle Strap-on Saddle Bag

Lumintrail Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag, Cycling Seat...

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Lumintrail brings a saddle bag that will perfectly hold all your valuables while staying out of your way while you travel. The zippered compartments will help you to keep and locate your items quickly. The one main room has a buckle to hold your keys and mesh pocket for storing small items. It comes in a large and medium-size with sufficient enough in each.


  • It has a compact design with enough room to store all essentials. It has a large main compartment with two smaller chambers on the side.
  • The 100% durable polyester material that offers commendable water resistance facilities.
  • The snap-on design facilitates a tool-free installation. It comes with two Velcro straps that are adjustable. It will firmly hold your bag in place.
  • It has reflective patches on three sides.


  • The medium size may be small enough to hold a spare tube.

Buyers Guide to Bicycle Saddle Bags

Our top listed products will ensure that you end up with the best bicycle saddlebag. We have researched hundreds of products and thousands of reviews to pen down the top ten saddlebags. With our explicit buying guide and top-rated bicycle saddlebags, you will end up in a win-win situation.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of a bicycle saddle bag is an essential factor to consider while buying one. Saddlebags with an extra pocket are a huge bonus. A spacious saddle bag will help you organize your accessories and stuff effortlessly. Manufacturers of saddlebags understand the needs of the buyers and produce them in various sizes. You need to read the product specifications and choose the one that will best fit your items.

Built materials

The built materials of saddlebags can make or break the product. You need to check the materials to assess its durability and quality. You should opt for a waterproof or water-resistant saddle bag to ensure maximum protection.

Nylon bicycle saddlebags are weatherproof bags with their massive ability to wick liquid. Leather saddlebags add an aesthetic look beside offering unmatched durability. Polyester saddlebags are known for their incredible tear-resistant qualities. It will ensure greater longevity of your bicycle saddlebags. Synthetic rubber builds are also well-known for their rainproof capacities.


It is one of the most crucial considerations while buying a bicycle saddlebag. One may want a saddle bag that will adequately hold all your items. However, you don’t want the saddlebag to get in your way while riding. You should look for a bad that is sufficient to fit everything you require for your journey. Many manufacturers are developing the saddlebags in multiple sizes to meet the unique needs of each buyer.

You need to decide on a size that will hold all your items correctly. If you want to carry small and essential things, a mini size saddle bag will be ideal for you. However, if you wish to fit road trip luggage, you need a super large saddlebag. A small size saddlebag is more chic, compact and lightweight. In contrast, the extra-large ones will put additional weight on your bicycle but carry your luggage efficiently.

Adjustability and Compatibility

You can not possibly buy saddlebags in multiple sizes. Sometimes you may require only the essential times. However, if you are travelling a long distance, you need to carry more items. A bicycle saddle bag that can be adjusted to multiple sizes is a cost-effective choice. It will save you from purchasing several saddlebags to meet your varying needs.

You need to check for compatibility too. Your bicycle saddle bag must be compatible with your bike. However, most bike saddlebags will perfectly fit all types of bikes. If you wish to buy the perfect saddle bag for your bicycle, then you need to go through the reviews and manufacturer’s specifications.

Things to Consider While Buying Bicycle Saddlebags

While searching through multiple saddlebags for your bike, you need to consider some essential factors.

Fixing methods

The saddlebags usually fit below the bicycle seat. The better the fit, the less will it interfere with your bike riding. The bicycle saddlebags may be attached with Velcro or clipped onto your seat. You need to ensure that the saddlebags come with an easy installation process.

Storage Compartments

You can opt for a bag with a single big storage space or one with multiple small storage compartments. A bag with several compartments will help you to store your items more efficiently. It helps to locate your essential items quickly. Things in a saddlebag with a single room often tend to hide or get lost among other big items.


A good bicycle saddle bag will not interfere with the aerodynamics of your bicycle. Aerodynamics signifies how natural air flows around your bicycle while you are riding. If a saddle bag impacts the aerodynamics, you will have a much slower riding speed. It will require you to put more effort and pressure to propel your bicycle forward. Most saddlebags will fit perfectly under the bike seat to ensure no problem while travelling.

Safety and additional features

You should consider the safety features as your top priority. Most manufacturers add a reflective strip to the bike bags to help you see clearly at night. Some saddlebags also come with a hook where you can attach a tail light. It will offer you extra visibility and ensure maximum safety while on the road.

Some saddlebags also come with extras. You can also get a set of repairing tools, including a chain holder or tire lever.

Water-resistance Capabilities

Water-resistant saddlebags are a blessing when you are travelling through streams. It is also incredibly helpful if you are riding in the rains. If your saddlebags are not waterproof, you can wrap your essential items like mobile devices in a plastic. It will protect your stuff from the rain and moisture.

Advantages of Bicycle Saddle Bags

While you are out on the road, you need to carry some tools to undergo emergency repairs. To put your bike chain back or repair a puncture, you need to have some tools with you. There are also some biking essential for your trips. A saddlebag will carry all your stuff and hold them in place.

They are compact and chic

Bicycle saddlebags are usually very compact and will take up a limited space of your bike. They don’t get in the way while you pedal. Bicycle saddlebags are not bulky and put zero to a minimum pressure. You can also detach them and carry them with you while you leave your bicycle behind.

You don’t need to carry them on your back

Carrying a backpack while you ride your bike can interfere with your movement. It will also put unnecessary pressure on your back. Moreover, bags will make you feel warm and comfortable on hot sunny days. A saddlebag helps you to overcome this problem. It will attach to your seat without putting pressure on your body.

Saddlebags don’t interfere with the aerodynamics of your bicycle

To move forward in an efficient way, the airflow around your bicycle needs to be in a certain way. With the right airflow, you need to put the least effort to attain the maximum speed. Bicycle saddlebags are designed in a way so that won’t meddle with the aerodynamics. The smaller ones are compact while the bigger ones are narrow in shape. It will ensure that they don’t resist the airflow while you are pedaling to move forward.

Easy installation and adjustability

No one will want a bag that is difficult to fix.  The best saddlebags will allow you to install them quickly without the need for complicated straps. A bike saddle bag can be attached or removed easily using clips or Velcro.

Most saddlebags offer incredible adjustability to meet your varying needs. You can expand them when you need to carry heavier or bigger items. You can fold the additional parts away when you don’t need the extra capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I require a saddle bag?

A saddlebag is a great way to get some extra storage space for carrying essential items. There are some bikes with a front basket or bottle rack to keep your stuff in place. However, not all bike models come with that feature. Therefore you can attach a bicycle saddlebag to keep your items while travelling a long distance.

You can keep your bike repairing tools, keys, mobile phones, or cash. There are some saddlebags which have enough space to store clothes and other oversized items. For a bike traveller, a saddlebag will come off as a blessing to keep things organized, secure and safe.

2. Do I need to purchase a waterproof saddle bag?

Buying a waterproof saddlebag is not a compulsion. However, it will protect your stuff from the rains. Without a waterproof saddlebag, your mobile phones, other electronic items and clothing will get wet and damaged. Saddlebags made of leather or nylon are not waterproof, but they have robust water-resistance properties. They will offer maximum protection unless there is a heavy downpour.

3. What essential tools should I carry in my saddle bag?

Your saddle bag must have a two-tire lever and spare tube to repair your bicycle in case of breakdowns. You can also carry a CO2 cartridge if you are heading out on a long journey.

4. Which size should I buy?

It depends on the number of items you are hoping to carry in your saddlebag. A standard size saddle bag will be perfect if you wish to carry only 3-4 essential items including spare tube,  C02 cartridge and two-tire levers.

If you want to pack some more things, including your mobile phones and a few other electronic items you should go for a large size. However, if you are on a backpacking or road trip, you need something bigger. Opt for the largest size to fit all the essential things required to be packed for the journey.

Final Thoughts

A best bicycle saddle bag must offer a great look with top-rated features. They should come with greater functionality to hold and organize all your items in place. It should come with expandable and water-resistance features. Using a saddlebag for your bike will help you during emergencies on the road.

With our top ten bicycle saddlebags and a definitive buying guide, you can easily find the best saddlebag. You should always look for a saddlebag that comes under your budget.

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