Best Bike Bags, Boxes, and Cases for Travels in 2022

Biking is a popular sport worldwide. Nowadays, people choose biking on weekends or on a normal vacation at the beach to explore and have fun.

To some people, biking is a serious task. They often wish to carry their bikes from one place to another. In that case, having a suitable bike case is very essential. When having a folding bike, spending a good amount on a bike case would be generous and sustainable.

Best Bike Bags, Boxes, and Cases

Here are the Best 10 Bike bags, boxes, and cases for traveling in 2020 and things you must know before buying one. Happy reading!

1. Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro

EVOC Sports Bike Travel 2018 Duffle, 142 cm, Green (Olive)...

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Evoc Bike bags are pretty common among sportspersons. They are the best one can buy. The bags have room for almost anything and everything. They are spacious enough to carry heavier loads. This particular Pro Version of the bike has an aluminum tray attached to the bike axles that can serve the double purpose of a bike stand if you want to rebuild it.


  • The bike bag is equipped with Velcro straps and padding to keep the luggage safe inside.
  • The base of the bag has MTB Wheels which makes it durable.
  • Inside the bag, there are several internal pockets for accommodating tools.
  • There are removable ribbing made of high-quality plastic material. The ribbing helps you to roll the bag for extra storage.
  • The back of the bag has an MTB Wheels roller blade that continues as the handle in the front making accommodation easier.


  • The pricing can be high for some customers.

2. Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 TSA

2019 SCICON AEROCOMFORT Road 3.0 TSA Road Bike Travel Bag

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The Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 TSA is very easy to carry by bike. The only thing you have to do is remove the wheels.

The bag comes in a black color asymmetric design with zip locks at the sides.

When carrying it on road, this beauty is always a head-turner.


  • The metal base of the Rigid Frame Defender uses the quick releasing thru-axles of the bike.
  • The bag comes with extra padding which keeps the luggage safe from any distraction on road.
  • The 360-degree wheels can move in any direction on road. This means you can drag the bag very easily.
  • You get a gear bag that protects your luggage while traveling on bumpy roads.
  • Even if the bag is empty, the straps securely stick to the bike. It means you can carry the bag with lightweight equipment too.


  • The pricing can be high for some customers.
  • The wheels being 360 degrees movable can take the bag anywhere. You must keep an eye on it every time.

3. Thule RoundTrip Traveler

Thule RoundTrip Pro XT – Bike Travel Bag with Built-in...

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The Thule RoundTrip Traveler does exactly what is needed to balance the pricing and performance of any biking equipment. The case weighs around 7.7kg when empty. Compared to other bike bags, they are cost-friendly serving the same purposes as others.

The bag has a soft casing and other ample benefits which makes it worth the purchase.


  • It consists of removable plastic ribbing to retain its shape when full or empty. In contrast to this feature, the bike folds down completely when you are not using it.
  • It has a constant fork block with adaptors that fits every type of modern axle.
  • The bottom bracket padding of the bag is similar to the Evoc bag in affordable pricing.
  • The inside of the bag has zipper pockets to carry pedals, tools along with padded wheel pockets adding extra space to the design.
  • The bag is lighter and has more compartments compared to other models within the same price range.


  • No additional frame padding is present.
  • The fork mount can get awkward with time.

4. B&W International Bike Box

B&W International Brompton Bike Case - Foldon Case (96006/N)

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If you are looking for a hard-case covering bike bag to give some extra protection to your delicate equipment, the B&W International Bike Box is the ideal one for you.

The dimension of the bag is 120 x 88 x 39 cm weighing 11 kgs in empty condition. Using this bag needs no extra attention. It is as simple as using a regular handbag. The hard case bag is very simple to use than the softcover ones.

The product is easily available at Amazon.


  • You get additional foam layers to protect it from the box and wheels.
  • The interlocking plastic sides of the bike bag is quite spacious with up to a 62cm frame. It easily accommodates all your heavy weighed large equipment simply.
  • The design has six self-tightening Velcro buckles. It prevents the case from slipping under any circumstances.
  • The hard case has sufficient handles to give a firm gripping.
  • The new plastic design of the hard case does not crack or flex under any climatic situation. The best feature is there aren’t any latches or hinges attached externally which can break and cause a dispute.


  • None.


This lightweight bag gives protection protects with airbags to your bike.

The exceptional inflatable partitions of the bag are strategically placed with rigid reinforcements. This model is considered one of the most comfortable padded cases in the market.

You can carry the two wheelsets on either side of your bike in simple means.


  • The bag is simple to open and pack.
  • The bike connects the bag to the frame at the axle region.
  • It puts two airbags on each side that impacts the durable front and base cover giving full protection to the fragile components of the bag.
  • The Helium has more soft padding than any other soft case at this range.


  • It can be a little hefty at the scale.

6. Dakine Bike Roller Bag

Dakine Bike Roller Bag, Ashcroft Camo, One Size

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The Dakine’s Bike Roller Bag is spacious enough to fit downhill bikes, 29ers, or even 29er downhill bikes.

The bag has sleeves made of polyester material. You can buy the bag in matt black color and an acrobat camouflage pattern.


  • The Bike Roller Bag comes in wheels inside the compartment that reduce the usage of zippers. The design makes the bag more durable because zippers can break over time!
  • You get heavy-duty external and internal padding to safeguard the gears, fork, and frame from the aggressive airport cargo operators.


  • This bike bag has only two wheels which might seem less to some users.

7. Aophire Folding Bike Bag

Aophire Folding Bike Bag 26 inch to 29 inch Thick Bicycle...

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Aophire is one of the new brands operating in the industry. in very less time, this brand has gone popular among the users that it belongs to one of the best brands today.

The unfolded size of the bag is 140 cm x 80 cm x 28 cm which is pretty portable for a bike bag.


  • The bike bag is extremely heavy duty. It is made of 600D oxford fabric along with 300 grams of unwoven fabric. It consists of strong shoulder straps and two pockets.
  • Very suitable for regular 26-inch bikes to 27.5-inch bikes. You can carry bikes, wheels, and handlebar pretty easily.
  • It is made of high-quality materials that resist the hardest climatic conditions.
  • The 1680D polyester material gives the bag a sustainable finish.


  • Lacks internal pockets and chambers.
  • The bag does not have padding. Therefore it is not suitable for air travel.

8. MIGHTUDUTY Foldable Bike Cover for Traveling Outdoor

MIGHTUDUTY Folding Bike Cover Bicycle Bags with Transport...

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If you are looking for a heavy-duty, durable bike bag under budget, then this is the right product for you! the closely woven fabric of the bag gives it a strong and professional finish in this price range.


  • The heavy-duty material of the bag protects it from any wear and tear.
  • The bag is light-weight. You can store and carry the bag very easily even without the bike.
  • It is ideal to carry a bike in harsh climatic conditions.
  • It comes in a pocket-friendly range.
  • The bag can be used for multiple purposes as it does not look like only a bike carrier.


  • The bag does not have wheels. You have to carry it on your shoulders.
  • You will not get any padding on the interior of the bag.
  • It is a normal bag that is spacious enough to accommodate your bike in it.

9. Topnaca MTB Road Bikes’ Travel Case with Fork Protector

Topnaca Soft Mountain Road Bikes Travel Case Transport Bag...

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This travel-friendly padded bike case is extremely easy to carry anywhere! Bikers find this bag perfect for a long or short trip for its versatile usage and portability. With its strong gripped Velcro tapes, you can fold the bag into smaller size and secure it with your bike on the carrier rack. Its shiny material makes the bag look like a small pouch when not in use.


  • It is made of 420D polyester and nylon fabric that is durable and water-resistant. The fork cover gives good protection to the forks of your bike.
  • It nearly weighs 5.6 pounds when empty, which means it is extremely lightweight to carry even with the bike.
  • The portable storage of the bag can carry almost every shape and size of the bicycle.



  • It is not suitable for carrying a geometric bicycle.
  • Absence of wheels at the base.

10. RockBros Foldable Bike Carry Bag, Black

RockBros Folding Bike Carry Bag 16 inch to 20 inch Cycling...

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RockBros is among the newly emerged brands offering a wide range of biking gears. Not only bike cases, but their bike panniers are also quite famous among bikers.

RockBros delivers what they claim under very affordable pricing. This model is very handy and durable to use. You pay for a backpack and a carry bag under the same pricing. Unlike other brands offering bike bags under this range, RockBros backpack ensures high-quality foam padding to safeguard your bike inside.


  • The entire backpack is 14.5 x 5.9 x 16.3 inches. The carry bag is of 33.2 x 13 x 26.5 inches in size.
  • The thick foam padding protects your bike from any outside force.
  • You get durable shoulder straps to carry the bike from one place to another.
  • The fabric is very easy to clean. By only wiping a damp cloth along the fabric will clean the whole bag.


  • It comes with zippers which might not work after several uses.
  • Shoulder straps can be painful to carry for a long time.
  • The product would have stand exceptional in the market is equipped with wheels.

Which Bike bag to choose: Hardcover or Softcover?

Sportspersons take biking very seriously. The constant worry of whether the bike has reached safely or not can ruin the fun of the trip. You must get full assurance that your bike will reach the destination safely with you.

Even if you aren’t flying, a bike case can be useful. Putting the bike in your car along with your luggage is surely an option but it will not protect your bike from scratches.

A tough box or a padded case can keep your bike safe to the destination you want it to reach. To explore the fullest comfort, know if a hard case or a soft bag will keep your bike safe.

  • Hard shell cases are the best to travel. There are zero chances of wear and tear. They are made of thermoplastic materials. Your case can get a scratch maximum but the bike will remain intact inside.
  • Bike bags or soft cases are a delicate version of a hardcover. Their internal structure maintains the shape of the bike also protecting the bike. They are made of nylon canvas or silk fabric. They are delicate compared to the hardcovers as they can tear over long term usage.

Things to look for before buying a bike case, cover for traveling

Baggage handlers will never take care of your luggage. You might see your luggage being flung to a new area, being dropped and what not! It is your responsibility to choose a bag that will protect your costly equipment from any mishandling or environmental condition.

The best bike boxes might look quite expensive but they are worth investing in. But before you go for a random bike case online, here are some must-have qualities for your side.

1. Wheels

Wheels ease the pain of carrying a lot of weight justifying its invention for decades.

Nowadays, most bike bags come with wheels. The reason behind that is easy portability. You can pull or push the bike from a car or uphill, around the airport, and anywhere very easily and faster.

The wheels are recessed at the base of the bags. It is okay if the wheel is present only at the rear side. Go for bike bags that come with wheels at the front and backside of the base. It distributes the weight equally putting less pressure on the wheels individually.

2. Handles

Once again, it is important for portability.

If your bike bag has a strong grip, you can lift the luggage or drag it faster along the ground. If your bag does not have wheels, choose a bag with a padded shoulder strap to give comfort while doing the hard work.

3. Size

Hard case or soft padded bag, it should be spacious enough to accommodate your bike easily. if your bike is a normal 56cm road bike, you will find any bike bag online.

For mountain bikes with integrated seats, getting a perfect size can be complicated.

Make sure to read the dimensions before you finalize payment. The bag should be big enough to carry frame tubes, forks, wheels, and seats.

4. Padding

Foam padding is one of the most important features that your bike bag should have. It saves the bike from little damages, scratches while traveling.

Most of the bike bags have thick high-quality foam padding at the base of the bag to keep your bike safe from bumpy roads. If it’s a long road journey, choose a bag with foam padding all along its sides.

Go for options which have foams padding at the interior chambers of the bag along with base and side padding for complete protection.

Wrapping up with some extra tips

The only job of your bike case is to give full protection to the bike in its folded condition. while packaging, make sure to keep the inside of the bag free of any gap. Once you have found the position, make sure to add extra foam padding. This will prevent your bike from moving inside the bag even when thrown in the air.

Remove the handlebars, stem. Refit the top cap of the bike and then use a zip tie around the steerer so that the fork, spacer, and headset stays in place.

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