The 10 Best Bike Bells in 2022

Are you on the prowl for the best bike bells in the market but unable to make up your mind which one to buy to glam up your bike with best bike bell? Having the best bike bell standing tall on the bike’s handlebars is one of the advisories of pro cyclists.

Best Bike Bells

A good bike bell is like the public address system and without any shadow of a doubt, it is considered as one of the indispensable instruments that a biker shouldn’t compromise. Have a look at some of the best bike bells below.

1. Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bike Bell

Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell, White

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Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bike Bell is an all time classic ringer bell that rests on the bike’s handlebar. This is a 5-star product basis 1200+ ratings. This all time classic ringer bell is a stylish safety accessory that is easy to fit and can be easily fastened with an attachment hardware assembly. This is one of the best, money can buy. This is the crème de la crème of biker bells.


  • Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bike Bell produces that classic old school sweet bike bell ringing sound
  • This set includes bell made of steel and attachment hardware which can be easily mounted on the handlebars of most bikes
  • Easy to fit – All you need is a screw driver to affix
  • Increases the aesthetic appeal of the bike.
  • Available in 9 colors so that you can color match or mix-and-match the frame of your bike
  • Fairs outstandingly well in terms of durability and produces a loud and clear tone


  • The thumb lever – the protruding thing you pull and strike to ring the bell is made of plastic. Some users have expressed their concerns with regards to prolonged usage.


LESOVI Loud Crisp Clear Sound Bike Bell is the one of the most sought after bike bells and is quite popular amongst the biking community. This Q shaped bike bell is suitable for the handlebars for larger bikes and can be engineered easily by mounting it with a screw driver. With an aerodynamic design, you can be sure to turn heads around.


  • It produces a loud and clear sound in the range of 85-95 DB to alert people even in loud vehicular traffic so that you can navigate your way through without any hassle.
  • It’s a one size fits all bike bell as it is suitable for all handlebars in the range of 22-31.8 mm
  • Compact design, light weight, durable, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant..
  • It is made of aluminum alloy, ABS material (high-strength plastic)
  • The aluminum surface of the Q-shaped is available in different color variations which can be teamed up with the color of your bike.
  • A new design has been introduced in the product line up which is all copper design made from high quality copper with built in knob design chiming a pleasant harmonic


  • The plastic component is susceptible to breakage while mounting which is why it is recommended not to tighten the screw too much so as to avoid getting snapped.

3. Knog Oi Bike Bell

Knog Oi Bike Bell - Original & Luxe Styles, Built in...

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The Knog Oi Bike Bell is an example of exquisite craftsmanship. It stands out from the rest of the crowd for its unique appearance and emits a powerful high pitched ring that helps you to steer forward in style. This bell will add that extra zing to your bike and attract the attention of the pedestrians; it’s a bell you would love to latch on the handlebars.


  • The salient thing about this bell is that the sound it produces distinct and powerful sound that ensures you get all the attention.
  • It has various pitch tones – one core and several supportive higher tones which adds to the longevity of the sound and allows to linger around more. Actually, (for the people having a musical bent of mind) it plays a chord rather than a single note.
  • It has a built in cable-clip to neatly gather all the cables running around. So, fret not – the cable management takes care to make the bike look dapper.
  • This bike bell is made from premium materials and has CNC machined 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum ringer.
  • It has a strong, high-tensile stainless-steel spring is corrosion resistant.
  • You can easily make this bike bell perch on the handlebar by tightening with a single hex screw (allen key included).
  • Knog Oi is available in two sizes and comes in 4 color variants – brass, copper, black and aluminum.


  • On rough terrain, the bell makes a feeble humming noise all by itself which is unwanted.
  • On prolonged usage, the part that you thumb-press to strike the ring becomes fragile.

4. Rompak Bike Bell

Rompak Bike Bell|Beautiful Chrome/Silver Metal...

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Rompak Bike Bell is an elegant looking bike bell with silver-chrome finish which enhances the aesthetic appeal by providing a vintage look. The bell chimes will make you nostalgic as you are used to hearing the classic sound it produces during your growing up years. It has a certain aura that it radiates which the millennials would love to possess. You can even think of gifting this exquisite bike bell to someone who has a penchant for collecting vintage stuff


  • Rompak Bike Bell produces a classic sound – we all have grown up hearing this classic sound.
  • The bell has a thumb-activated lever which is easy to operate
  • It creates a sound that is loud and clear.
  • Sturdy bike bell with minimal design and a logo atop the bell


  • Some people may not like the design as it sports a vintage look.

5. Vincita Vintage Brass Bike Bell

Vincita Vintage Brass Bike Bell - Shiny Gold Color, Long...

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Think of bike bell with all metal construction to adorn the handle bar of your bike, then Vincita Vinatage Brass Bike Bell is all you have to flaunt and steer you to safety with its long, loud and resonating sound. A classic retro bike bell that is engineered to withstand the test of times – it is all made of brass adding to the durability quotient.


  • The bell houses the dome is made of brass with steel base and lever.
  • Durable plated steel clamp and striker contributes to a powerful sound which lasts for 15 seconds and the compact one resonates for 9 seconds.
  • It is easy to install – all you need is a screwdriver to mount the bell on the handlebar – as simple as that – once mounted it stays secured – strong and stable
  • This bell can be installed on all bike types


  • The angle of the lever cannot be adjusted which can be a thing to be wary of

6. BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

BONMIXC Retro Bike Bell Brass Vintage Bicycle Bell Black Fit...

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BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini is an essential which is just more than a ding – as they say it’s a musical note on the move. This bike bell is a connoisseur‘s delight. Paint a picture of this all brass bike bell sitting atop the handlebar – a sight to behold for any bike enthusiast. This brass bell from Bonmixc simply adds a dash of glam on any commuter bike.


  • The dome of BONMIXC Bike Bell Luxury is made of high quality BRASS (not aluminum alloy).
  • It’s an easy to install set up – just two minutes to screw and you are done! The best part is that it can be installed either to the right or left
  • Solidly built and the best quality material used
  • Gives out a loud and clear tone that ensures you are noticed
  • Suitable for handlebars having diameter in the range of 20mm – 29mm (0.78in – 1.14in)


  • One needs to be careful while installing and mounting on the handlebar
  • The intensity of the sound produced diminishes over a period of time or prolonged usage

7. Greallthy Bike Bell

Greallthy Bike Bell Classic Brass Bicycle Bell for Bike Ring...

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The Greallthy Bike Bell is an all brass affair and most importantly, it is an anti-rust product. If you are looking for something retro to decorate the handlebar then this bike bell boasts of retro design and the ding thing is loud and clear. A must buy if your bike bell is in line with a retro look.


  • This bike bell houses springs of high tensile strength and light strong alloy bracket which makes it durable
  •  Delivers a crisp loud tone
  • It has protective pad which prevents the bell from sliding down the handlebar
  • Fits handlebars having 22.2 mm to 25.4 mm outer diameter


  • Some riders opined that the sound produced by the bell is not that loud especially in crowded places.
  • One customer had to flick it occasionally to make it ring when it failed to produce the sound

8. Accmor Classic Bike Bell

Accmor Classic Bike Bell, Aluminum Bicycle Bell, Loud Crisp...

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This bike bell features aluminum and high quality plastic which is anti-rust and is suitable for a heavy duty or usage. Perfect safety equipment which should find its way on the handlebar to give a classic look to your bike. This is a popular item and a highly rated product that is worth drooling for.


  • It is one of the essential bike accessories that one should possess for safe riding
  • This aluminum bike bell fits most of the bikes well on the handlebars and emits a loud and clear ringtone that can be heard from quite a distance
  • Easy to install – it takes a little more than one minute to complete the installation and all you are required to do is tighten the screw with a screwdriver and you are good to go
  • The materials used to make this bike bell is aluminum and high quality plastic ensuring it doesn’t worn out even after prolonged usage


It may produce the occasional unwanted jingle when you are riding on uneven or untarred roads

9. Crane E-Ne Bike Bell

Crane Bike Bell E-Ne Bicycle Bell, Made in Japan for Road...

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Crane E-Ne Bike Bell is a premium bell that features the exquisite Japanese craftsmanship to the forefront. For those who have an eye for detail, this product has what it takes to be a top notch bike bell. What’s more, the compactness and versatile design that this bike bell exudes is sure to catch the eye of the passersby and of course, needless to say the sound it generates will surely catch the attention, too.


  • Brass or aluminum alloy dome-shaped bell makes a pleasant ring. In particular, the ring of the brass bell blasts a little longer than other materials
  • It comes in various variants such as chrome, chrome plated, copper, brass, matte black and neo black.
  • If you have a fascination for black, you can choose the matte black variant which has an aluminum dome with a matte black finish to standout in style
  • Fits 22.2-31.8mm OD handlebars. Easy to install with one hex key
  • You need not worry if you are planning to deck up the handlebar of your bike with other accessories such as bike light, phone or GPS as this bike bell takes up little real estate – thanks to its compact design
  • No plastic parts used in making this product
  • This bike bell houses vinyl dipped rust-resistant stainless steel mount and springs. Vinyl dipped stainless steel mount helps to reduce slipping and protects the handlebars against the occasional scratches.


Few customers find it difficult to mount and attach it to the handlebar. Once mounted, the attachment to the handlebar is short-lived or the grip loosens and slips off.

10. Crane Bike Bell

Crane Bike Bell, Chrome, Riten Bicycle Bell, Rotary Action,...

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Crane Bike Bell is a premium and classic piece of art integrated in this safety device. This antique looking item chimes louder so much so it will surely get the attention of the pedestrians. It is an all metal construction which makes it look elegant and adds to the durability of the product. A sturdy Japanese product that should definitely feature in your list if you are planning to buy a bike bell.


  • The large dome coupled with the brass material contributes to deliver a long chime that resonates a bit longer than usual.
  • Crane Bike Bell is available in copper, chrome, brass and black variants
  • Fits 22.2-26.0mm outer diameter handlebars.
  • Produces a impressively pleasant tone with a decent sustain


  • A customer had raised this concern that if the bell is fitted tightly, the bell ceases to work
  • Heavy work load or on prolonged usage, the lever gets jammed failing to produce the ring

What are the attributes you should consider before buying the bike bell to seek attention?

Needless to say, it can pose you a challenge and impact your ride if you are not aware of the attributes of a good bike bell.

Here’s the lowdown on the particulars you need to hard check on before zeroing in on the bike bell.

1. Sound produced

The first and foremost attribute is the sound produced by the bike bell. Each bike bell has that unique sound that it articulates. A bike bell would serve you no good should it fail to alert people with its clarion call and end up spinning a stressful ride. Make sure you invest in a bike bell that produces a powerful sound potent enough to draw attention.

2. Material used

Make sure the bike bell is tough and durable and has the ability to sustain the heavy load of prolonged usage. A bike bell which houses any plastic material or component in its armory is bound for a short term period in terms of longevity.

3. Diameter and size of Handlebar

Another attribute you should consider and gauge is the diameter of the handle bar of your bike. There are various kinds of bike bells available in the market – you can choose from “one size fits all” bike bells or go for a specific bike bell depending on the diameter of the handlebar.

How does a bike bell usher you the way?

A good bike bell will help you to navigate your way through crowded places, negotiate the sharp turns and alert the pedestrians to make way.

The bike bells have evolved over the years and there has been a surge in the popularity and demand of good bike bells which is why the bike bells no longer look bulky sticking out from the bike’s handlebars.

The bike bells have been reinvented to cater to the growing demands of the cyclists who are bored of traditional bike bells chiming over the years.

Now you have the luxury to choose from a wide array of bike bells depending on the intensity of the sound it produces or you can choose a one size fits all bike bells. By and large, one must consider purchasing a good quality bike bell for obvious reasons.

Here are the most popular and best bike bells outlined for your easy pickings and quick-find.


How much does a good bike bell cost?

A decent bike bell can cost anywhere from $9 to $20. However, the cost of a bike bell depends on the material that it is made from.

Do I need to consider the size of the handlebar before purchasing?

Yes, you need to gauge the size of the handlebar before you purchase the bike bell. It is always recommended to do the measure the size of the handlebar to ensure that the bike bell snug fit on the handlebar.

Is it necessary to have a bike bell?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to have a bike bell firmly mounted on the handlebar. Every bike should be equipped with an alarm bell or horn or bike bell to notify pedestrians or jaywalkers to make way and most importantly, to avert accidents. It is recommended that a bell be fitted to render a friendly warning of your approach.

Where should I mount my bike bell on the handlebar?

As a cardinal rule, bike bells should be mounted and adjusted on the opposite side of the front brake so that it allows you to keep a tight grip on it while ringing the bell with the other hand. You need to ensure you are able to reach the bell lever/ striker with your thumb only and without moving your hand from where it is placed as you ride.


For a safe and stress-free ride, it is of paramount importance to pay heed while buying the bike bell available in the market. All you need to choose is the bike bell that suits your bike and embodies your personality. We believe that this article will help you in selecting the best bike bell so that you have no niggles to make your ride merrier.

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