Best Bike Camera for Cyclist in 2022

A camera is the best tool to capture your memories. Then why not using a bike camera to improve your cycling experience? Bike cameras are small yet very useful. In this following listicle, you will find out about the best bike cameras you can purchase in 2020.

There are countless numbers of advantages of cycling with a camera. Before digging deeper, let’s find out the advantages of using a bike camera.

Best Bike Camera

Most of the manufacturers provide action cameras for bikes. These cameras are very handy and suitable for riding. Here is the list of best cameras available in the market:

1. AKASO Action Camera

AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera Ultra HD Underwater...

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AKASO EK7000 is a very stylish 4K Ultra HD action camera. It is capable to shoot a professional 4K 25Fps & 2.7K 30Fps video. With a wireless wrist 2.4G remote, you can capture the world in an all-new way. This camera comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. Each battery can record up to 90 minutes, so you can capture the best memories without having any obstruction.


  • AKASO camera provides two powerful 1050mAh batteries.
  • This action camera is waterproof and can endure up to 100 feet.
  • The camera has built-in Wi-Fi & HDMI, so you can edit and share in minutes.
  • It has a 12 MP optical sensor that can easily capture clear snapshots.


  • This camera does not come with after-sale service and warranty so it can cause a durability issue.

2. Lenofocus Mini Body Camera

Lenofocus Mini Body Camera 1080P Hidden Spy Cameras Body...

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Lenofocus is perfectly suitable when you are riding for a long time. This high definition camera can record 1920x1080P or 1280x720P video by configuration. It has 30 frames per second that let you view streaming video. Lenofocus mini camera is easy to access and comes with 3 buttons for video recording, non-video recording, and snapshot. This camera also comes with a promising 1-year warranty.


  • Lenofocus camera has an in-built 560mAh rechargeable battery that can last up to 3 hours.
  • This mini camera supports up to 64GB micro SD card, so you can store unlimited data.
  • Besides using for your bike, you can use this camera for home security, law enforcement, meeting, sports, and travel.


  • This camera is not suitable for mountain biking.
  • The battery life is not that powerful compared to other bike cameras available in the market.

3. Mengshen Bike Helmet Action Camera

Mengshen Full HD 1080P Mini Sports DV Camera Bike Motorcycle...

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Mengshen bike helmet camera can shoot 1920×1080 30FPS and 1280x720P 60FPS videos. This multi-angle camera has an ultra-wide angle of 120 degrees high resolution and built-in 1/4 inch of low noise high-quality photosensitive element. So you can easily capture very clear pictures on darker occasions. This bike helmet camera supports high capacity TF card up to 32GB. Mengshen camera has an in-built microphone feature to improve your riding experience.


  • This camera has built-in lithium electricity, a built-in microphone, built-in vibration motor.
  • It has a capacity of working up to 2.5 hours.
  • This camera has a multi-angle shooting feature.


  • Mengshen bike helmet camera is not waterproof.
  • Does not come with a warranty, this company doesn’t provide after-sales service.


Campark portable bike camera helps you to shoot easily. It has an excellent 170° wide-angle fisheye lens that offers a wide field of view. This action camera captures much clearer pictures than ordinary cameras and allows you to set ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, white balance, image sharpness, etc to get high-quality photos. This camera comes with duel rechargeable batteries that can shot up to 240 minutes.


  • This camera comes with two powerful batteries.
  • Campark promises 24 hours of after-sale services and a 12 months warranty.
  • This action camera is 100% waterproof.


  • Campark action is over-processed so it could cause problems.

5. Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 20MP Vision 3 Ultra HD...

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Dragon Touch action camera has 1080P/60FPS video and 16MP photo resolution, so you can capture a beautiful moment. This camera also features a zoom range from 1.0X to 4.0X. Dragon Touch is a waterproof camera and comes with 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. It also comes with a wireless remote that has a range of up to 10m.


  • This camera is very versatile, you can easily use it for image rotation, time-lapse, loop recording, and slow motion.
  • Dragon Touch camera has a 2” screen that allows you to preview the video.
  • This camera is water-resistant and can endure up to a range of 30 meters.


  • Dragon Touch action camera is not Mac compatible.
  • The wireless remote is not waterproof.

6. GIZTEK Rear Bike Light Camera

GIZTEK Rear Bike Light Camera Combo, 1080P Full HD, Built-in...

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GIZTEK rear bike light camera is capable of recording 1080p at 60fps and has an ultrawide view angle of 135 degrees of image stabilization. This camera comes with very good dirt protection. GIZTEK camera has a very powerful battery that works up to 8 hours. This camera supports up to 32GB SD card, however, the manufacturers don’t provide a memory card with this product. The rear bike light is also useful that comes with 6 light modes. The IPX4 water resistance makes this bike light camera suitable for all weather.


  • This bike light camera is very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about extra load.
  • GIZTEK camera has a large storage capacity, and that makes it easy to record loop video.
  • You can also use this camera as a rear bike light.


  • The image stabilization of this camera is very poor.

7. COOAU 4K Action Camera

COOAU 4K 20MP Wi-Fi Action Camera External Microphone Remote...

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COOAU action camera has 7 layers of optical glass lens that can bring ultra HD 4K videos and 20MP photos. This camera features the newest upgraded chip that can give a rich video resolution of 4K/30FPS. This camera comes with EIS stabilization, so you can have an excellent shooting experience while riding on a rough road. This camera also provides a built-in and external microphone that can help when it is inconvenient to collect sound. You can remotely control the camera from 10 meters away. COOAU 4K action camera almost covers all the functions that you need such as loop recording, time-lapse recording, slow motion, self-timer, and upside down.


  • This camera gives a 170-degree wide-angle feature to record more and shoot important moments.
  • Besides wireless remote control, this camera also has Wi-Fi support. You can download the app called LIVE DV on your smartphone or tablet to control this camera.
  • COOAU 4K camera is also waterproof with a water-resistant range of 40 meters.


  • The battery quality is very poor compared to other bike cameras at this price.

8. VSYSTO Bike Camera

VSYSTO WiFi Motorcycle Dash Cam, Full Body Waterproof HD...

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VSYSTO bike camera is made with a metal shell that provides better heat dissipation function than plastic and has stronger heat resistance. It has a six-layer glass lens so you can shoot Full HD 1080P videos. The 140° wide angle allows you to capture every moment. VSYSTO bike camera supports loop recording and a built-in G-Sensor. By using Wi-Fi, you can connect your smartphone with this camera and edit, view real-time video, and share.


  • This camera has a super capacitor + RTC battery.
  • The in-built G-Sensor will be automatically activated in emergencies.
  • VSYSTO promises a one-year after-sales service.


  • The price of this camera is higher than other bike cameras.


The 1080P and 14MP resolution allow you to capture high-quality videos and photos. This camera has a 170-degree wide-angle lens that lets you capture every moment of your surroundings. Crosstour action camera has a suitable and durable waterproof case, so you can use this camera in every weather. This camera comes with wireless remote control and Wi-Fi, so you can connect your smartphone with this camera using the BH10 DV app. It has a  2” LCD screen that allows you to view videos or pictures more clearly. You can use this camera for multiple purposes.


  • This camera is 100% waterproof and has a range of 30 meters.
  • Crosstour action camera is very light-weight (64 grams).
  • The price of this bike camera is very reasonable, the manufacturers provide premium features at this price.


  • There are no warranty and after-sales service for this product.


APEMAN action camera allows you to record high-quality 4K with 30FPS resolution. You can also capture pictures with 20MP resolution and EIS/ISO advanced sensors. This camera has a wireless remote that can be accessible from a range of 10 meters. APEMAN A79 camera has an improved waterproof case that has a water resistance capacity of 40 meters. You can use this camera for multi-purpose such as time-lapse videos, selfie timer, auto mode, and loop recordings.


  • This camera comes with an external microphone that can help you with a better recording.
  • The 40 meters waterproof range is very good if you use this camera for other activities. It can easily improve your riding experience.
  • With the instant sharing Wi-Fi feature, you can connect any device with this camera to share, view, and edit.


  • The quality of this camera is very poor, it does not fulfill the promised requirements.
  • The company does not provide after-sale customer service and warranty.

Buying Guide For Bike Camera

A bike camera is very helpful, but before investing your money to buy a camera, you need to know about some important factors. In this following list, there are some essential factors you can read before buying a bike camera:

  • If The Camera Is Waterproof

Most of the action cameras are waterproof and then give excellent performance even you are riding in a terrible weather. If you are using a bike camera for other activities like diving or skiing, the water resistance can be very helpful.

  • Durability

Durability is one of the major factors you can check before buying any product. Make sure that the company is well-known and promises an after-sales service. Do not invest your money in attractive cheap products.

  • Instant Sharing Feature

Instant sharing is a wonderful feature as you can connect the camera with your mobile device/tablet. You can easily view and edit photos and videos. Some cameras also require downloading an app to connect any device with your bike camera. Make sure your camera has this Wi-Fi instant sharing feature before buying.

  • Wide-angle Range

A wide-angle view is another good feature you can have on your bike camera. This feature helps you capture beautiful sceneries. This is not that important feature, but it can be good for your riding experience.

  • Storage

Storage is an important factor for a bike camera. Most of the manufacturers provide storage between 32GB to 64GB. Make sure the camera has enough storage capacity so you don’t have to worry about running out of it. However, they don’t provide a memory card with the product.

  • Warranty

When you are checking the after-sales service, warranty is another valuable factor you may notice before buying a camera. Most of the companies promise at least a six-month warranty.

Advantages Of Cycling With A Camera

Riding with a camera can give you the best riding experience. Using a bike camera is also necessary for your protection. Let’s find out how cameras can help when cycling.

  • Capturing Beautiful Moments

The major purpose of buying a bike camera is capturing beautiful moments you witness while riding. Many action cameras provide both video shooting and photo capturing features. So you can easily record videos when having an adventurous ride. These cameras are also waterproof, so it’s not going to be a major issue in rainy weather.

  • For Spreading Awareness

Many cyclists love to share their riding footage on social media. By sharing footage of your riding experience, you can spread awareness of the issues you face while riding. This is how you can help more people.

  • Recording Accident Evidence

Using a bike camera does not only help you capture beautiful moments, it also ensures your safety. Well, bike cameras can record a moment if you are in trouble. It could be helpful for the future.


1. What To Look For In A Bike Camera?

When you are buying a camera, you need to look for some important features such as HD recording, long battery life, water-resistance, and durability.

2. Is Bike Camera With Rear Light Good?

You will find some companies provide a bike camera with a rear light. It’s good if you want extra safety, but these cameras have poor quality.

3. Should You Buy A Waterproof Camera?

Having a waterproof bike camera is very important. It will help you with recording videos in every weather condition while riding.

4. Do You Need Cameras For Both Front And Back?

They are not recommended, but if you want to ensure extra safety, you can use two bike cameras. You can buy a camera with a taillight.


These are the best bike cameras available for cyclists in the market. Before buying any product, make sure to read the buying guide. Also, check the ratings and reviews before investing your money.

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