Best Bike Lights for Cycling in 2020

Are you planning to buy bike lights to improve your night riding? If you ride a lot in the dark, it’s better to purchase a high-quality bike light set. In this article, you will get to know about top bike light sets available in the market.

Best Bike Light Sets

Most of the sellers provide the headlight and the taillight in a combo pack. Here are some best bike light sets you can purchase in 2020:

1. Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set,Super Bright Front...

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Ascher bike light set has an advanced design. The headlight and the taillight have four light mode options, including fast flashing, slow flashing, full brightness, and half brightness. This bike light set is very versatile, so you can easily use it for camping, hiking, and emergency use.


  • This bike light set is very easy to install. The mount straps have two openings that tightly fit around many sizes. You can easily fasten and loosen them using no tool.
  • The headlight and taillight have an in-built 650mAh rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Ascher promises committed customer service.


  • This bike light set has a durability issue.

2. Vont Bicycle Light

Vont Bike Lights, Bicycle Light Installs in Seconds Without...

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Vont takes pride to produce the brightest LED bike light set with Cree LED Illumination Technology. This combo includes a 20 lumens front and 15 lumens rear lights. The power-packed headlight can focus on an object 1000 feet away. The bike light set is also water pressure resistant and can survive being underwater.


  • Vont bike light is built to last with military-grade materials. That makes this bike light to survive to be underwater, a 10-foot drop and to be run over by a truck.
  • The manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty for this product.
  • A versatile bike light set and can be used for multiple purposes.


  • The headlight does not have a rechargeable battery. You will need 3 AAA for it. The taillight comes with a pre-installed CR2032 battery.

3. BV Bicycle Light Set

BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight, 3 LED...

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BV bicycle light set includes 5 LED headlight tool-less handlebar mount and 3 LED taillight angle adjustable mount. Each light has 3 light modes. The headlight needs 5 pieces of AAA batteries and the taillight needs 2xAAA batteries. BV bike light set is also weather resistant.


  • These lights support 3 different light modes.
  • AAA batteries can light your way up to 80 hours.
  • BV bicycle light set is weather and water-resistant.


  • Lights are not good for illuminating the road.
  • BV does not provide a warranty and after-sales service.

4. VASTFIRE Mountain Bike Lights

VASTFIRE Mountain Bike Lights for Night Riding 1000 Lumens...

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VASTFIRE mountain bike light set is specially designed for mountain bikers. The headlight has 2 XM-L2 LEDs with a max output of 1200 lumen. This light has 5 modes, including low light and flashlight. The taillight Tail comes with 15-lumen COB that also has 2 modes. VASTFIRE has a high-capacity built-in 2 X 3600mAH rechargeable battery. These bike lights are easy to install, so you don’t need an extra tool to fasten and loosen them.


  • The headlight has 5 light modes, and the taillight also comes with 2 light modes.
  • VASTFIRE bike light has in-built 2 customized 18650 rechargeable batteries.
  • The headlight is IPX 6 waterproof rated that can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water. The taillight is also IPX 4 waterproof rated.
  • This light set supports the easy and tool-free installation.


  • Because of the premium design, this light set is costly compared to other bike lights.

5. Wastou Bike Lights

Wastou Bike Lights, Super Bright Bike Front Light 1200Lumen,...

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Wastou produces bike lights with special care and premium quality materials. This product comes with 6 light modes including high, medium, low, low-speed flashing, and high-speed flashing. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB cord, so you can easily charge the battery before a long ride.


  • Wastou bike lights are versatile, you can easily use them for camping, running, and outdoor activities.
  • This light set is IPX6 rated, so you can have a ride even in heavy rain.
  • The manufacturers provide satisfying customer service.


  • This light set can have a durability issue.

6. Victagen USB Rechargeable Bike Light

VICTAGEN Bike Lights, 2400 Lumens Waterproof Bike Headlight,...

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Victagen bike light set comes with 2x headlight and taillight. The headlight supports 4 light modes such as high, medium, low, and strobe when the taillight has 3 modes (high, fast flash, and slow flash). The headlight is made of military-grade aluminum alloy and molded by the manufacturers.


  • The headlight has an in-built, powerful 18500 battery that gives a lifetime of 4 hours.
  • Victagen bike front light uses dual XML-T6 white LEDs that light your way up to 300 yards.
  • This bike light set comes with 1 year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • The headlight is a little heavier compared to other brands.

7. EBUYFIRE Bike Light Set

USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set, Bike Headlight 3T6 LED...

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EBUYFIRE bike light set comes with 3000 lumens output. The bright 3 LED headlight has 3 light modes that ensure your safety during night rides. This bike light set has an IPX5 rating, so it’s totally weather resistant. EBUYFIRE bike lights are also very versatile.


  • This light set comes with 3 modes, including high, low, and fast blinking. The headlight has a flashlight option.
  • Very easy to install and does not require an extra tool.
  • This bike light set has a 5200 mAh power bank function, so you can charge your phone in emergency situations.
  • Comes with a one-year free return policy.


  • Not bright enough for night rides.


BX-300 USB Rechargeable LED Bike Light Set Front and Back...

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NP NIGHT PROVISION bike headlight has BX-300 LED that gives a wide-angle view. The light set supports 5 light modes such as high, medium, low, strobe, and high strobe. It has a rechargeable 3.7v 850 mAh Li-ion that can run up to 7 hours. NP NIGHT PROVISION gives a full 360-degree lighting coverage.


  • Both front and back lights are rechargeable, take a maximum of 3 hours to charge with a USB port.
  • This light set has a secure Robust rubber strap and will never fall off or detach.
  • This light set is IPX-65 rated water-resistant.
  • Comes with 60 days money-back guarantee and 2 years of warranty coverage.


  • The brightness of the headlight is not long-lasting.

9. gebalage Bike Lights

Bike Lights, gebalage Ultra Bright USB Rechargeable Bike...

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The front light has a 300 lumens CREE LED that can light your way at a distance of 100m. This headlight has 6 adjustable light modes. The 2000 mAh lithium battery can run up to 5 hours with the brightest mode. This IPX6 rated bike light set is very suitable for all weather conditions.


  • Very easy to install and remove without any tool.
  • The lights are very versatile, you can easily them for running, camping, and outdoor activities.
  • Comes with one-year satisfying customer service.


  • The backlight is very disappointing.

10. Te-Rich Bike Lights

Te-Rich Bike Lights Front and Back, Rechargeable Bicycle...

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Te-Rich bike light set has a high-quality rechargeable battery that can be charged from portable power banks and computers. The headlight has 6 operational light modes, including high, medium, low, slow flash, strobe, and fast flash. With the flexible silicone straps, you can easily fasten and loosen these lights.


  • This ultra-portable bike light set ensures visibility during camping, joyrides, and dog-walking.
  • The rechargeable battery ensures up to 10 hours of visibility.


  • Te-Rich bike lights are not proven water-resistant.

Types Of Bike Lights

Either you can buy individual bike lights, or you can have a combo set. Before buying, you need to know about the types of bike lights that most of the manufacturers offer. There are mainly two bike lights available.


The front light is the principal thing a buyer check when buying a bike light set. You can easily mount the headlight on your bike’s handlebar or helmet. The brightness and lumens decide the quality of the front light.


Taillight or rear light is less expensive compared to headlights. Most of the manufacturing companies provide a taillight with the headlight purchase. You have to mount a taillight to seat post as it ensures your safety.

Buying Guide For Bike Lights

Having a bike light set can increase your riding experiences. With a high-quality headlight, you can easily enjoy a ride even at night. The taillight is also helpful, as it ensures your safety. Before buying bike lights, you need to know about some essential factors:

  • Battery

One of the most important factors you have to check before buying is battery capacity. Some bike lights come with an AAA battery option. You need to buy these batteries as well since the manufacturers don’t include batteries with lights. However, most of the companies provide an in-built rechargeable battery, so you just need to charge it before enjoying a ride.

  • Different Light Modes

Bike lights come with different light modes so you can use them as requirements. Most of the headlights come with at least 4 light modes. Some rear lights are also available with different light modes.

  • Weather Resistance

Check if the bike light set is weather and water-resistant or not. When you are riding in heavy rain, you need a water-resistant headlight and rear light.

  • Customer Service

Most of the bike light companies promise to give a good after-sale service, but you need to make sure before purchasing anything. Always purchase a product that has at least a one-year warranty.

Tips For Using Bike Lights

  • Make sure to charge your bike light batteries before going for a long ride.
  • Always remove the bike lights when you are not using your bike. Thieves can easily steal if you are not removing it.
  • You don’t need the brightest light always, change the modes as your requirement to save battery power.
  • It’s better to carry a power bank if you are planning for a long ride.


How Many Lumens Do You Need?

Lumens make sure the quality of your bike light’s brightness capacity. The ideal brightness of a headlight is between 300 to 600 lumens.

What is CREE LED?

CREE is a top-level LED lights manufacturer in the USA. Most of the bike light companies use LED lights from CREE to ensure the best service.

Can You Use Bike Lights During Daytime?

It is not recommended to use a bike light during the daytime. However, if you are riding on a gloomy day, you can use it to get a better view.

Is Brightness Really Matter?

Most of the bike lights are rated in lumens, and it really matters. Nobody wants a dim headlight, especially when they are riding during night time.


Using a bike light is very important both for your riding experience and safety. These are the best bike lights for cycling available in the market. Always make sure to read the buying guide and reviews before buying any product.


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