Best Bike Mirrors of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Cycling is the best way to commute as it saves resources and money. It is one of the most eco-friendly forms of traveling while providing fresh air to breathe. However, riding a bike in the busy lanes of the USA or Europe can be challenging. You need to see the condition of the road behind you to ensure safety.

Bike mirrors are a great way to protect the life of cyclists. It offers a complete view of the nearby traffic. Keep your eye glued to the front and avoid accidents by installing a bike mirror. They provide excellent road visibility and help you to roam around the busy streets with confidence.

Best Bike Mirrors in 2022

But are bike mirrors equally functional? No. You need to buy a bike mirror that will offer you the greatest safety and is compatible with your cockpit. There are thousands of bike mirrors available on the market, but not all are promising. We have shortlisted the best bike mirrors after considerable research.

1. Mirrycle MTB Bike Mirror

Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror , Black

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The Mirrycle Mountain MTB facilitates easy mounting due to its accompanying wrench. It offers a 3 inch convex round glass mirror to deliver a broader field view. You can adjust the mirror to your preferred viewing angle. It will fit well into handlebars with an inside diameter of 15.8-23.4mm.


  • It has a top-notch convex lens attached with the help of a pivot to an arm mount.
  • The arm mount is adjustable to facilitate multiple viewing angles.
  • It comes with an included easy-to-use, robust installation wrench.


  • The convex mirror system may make the vehicles seem more distant.

2. Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror, Stainless Steel Lens Bicycle...

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The bar end bike mirror from Hafny is a great steal for cyclists who want something more durable. The lens is made of clear and stainless steel. The steel lens will not break and ensure maximum safety for the riders. Moreover, the lens is recyclable to aim for a better planet with reduced wastages. This little bike mirror is a wonder for most types of bikes. It can be installed on MTB handlebars and also on drop bars of road bikes.


  • The unbreakable steel lens is ideal for commuting bikes. It will not get broken even after hitting other objects or cars.
  • It offers a broader range of fitting. It will fit all handlebar bars with an inside diameter of 14.8-23 mm.
  • It has a universal installation design. You can use it as both a left or right installation bike mirror. It can be adjusted below or above the handlebar.
  • It comes with a foldable frame which facilitates easy parking. It ensures quick garage parking without taking a lot of space.
  • The mirror can be rotated 360 degrees without the chance of knocking down.


  • The view may appear a bit distorted as the glass is not made of a real mirror.

3. Sprintech Rear View Drop bar Bike Mirror

Sprintech Road Drop Bar Rearview Bike Mirror - Safety...

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Sprintech is here to ensure the safety of bikers around the world. The revolutionary rear-view bike mirror is a blessing for all types of bikes. It is compatible with street bikes, mountain bikes and racing bikes. The mirrors are incredibly lightweight and adjustable. They won’t vibrate while you travel on bumpy roads. The mirrors stay in their position throughout the day. They are free of lead and are chrome coated.


  • It builds confidence in the biker’s mind with top-notch technology in bike mirrors.
  • It is the world’s most trusted bike safety mirror.
  • The mirrors won’t spin, rattle and stay out of position. It holds true to its place.
  • It offers an easy installation. It attaches easily to your handlebar by replacing the end cap.
  • It offers better visibility and prevents shoulder or neck pain.
  • The mirrors are shatterproof while weighing under 30 gms with a plug.


  • The rear-view mirror may appear small to some cyclists.

4. LX Lermx Bike Mirrors with Rotatable Rearview

LX LERMX Bike Mirrors [Upgraded Version] Two PCS...

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LX Lermx brings two pieces of blast-resistant HD glass lens for bike riders. Made of aluminium alloy these mirrors will fit all handlebars with an inner diameter of 22.2 mm. These bike mirrors are specially designed to offer clear traffic visuals to the cyclists. It will keep you protected from road accidents by providing a better field view.


  • It provides a full 360° angular adjustment for the greatest coverage. It is easily adjustable and offers hassle-free installation.
  • It comes with a long arm to help you get a better picture of the traffic behind you.
  • Integrated with aluminium alloy and ABS optical frame, it offers the maximum durability.
  • It won’t break down from slight bumps or minor accidents.


  • You need to tighten the screw properly otherwise the mirror may wobble on bumpy rides.

5. EVT Safe Zone Helmet Bike Mirrors

EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

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The EVT Safe Zone bike helmet offers the highest quality bike mirrors that are mounted on your helmet. It provides greater durability and functionality compared to other models of bike mirrors. The 2.25-inch mirror will deliver a comprehensive view of the traffic behind you. The sturdy mounting system is one of a kind. There are no requirements of fragile parts or weak adhesives to install the bike mirror.


  • It comes with an adjustable arm which maintains incredible functionality.
  • It is easy to install and comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • It adds to the weight of your helmet and may seem bulky for your head.

6. Hafny blast-resistant HD Bike Mirror

Hafny New Handlebar Bike Mirror, HD Blast-Resistant, Safe...

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Hafny brings an automotive-grade glass mirror that offers a super clear field view. It comes with a shutter-proof function and convex surface. The glass lens is not made of cheap plastic acrylic and provides better safety.


  • It comes with an anti-glare blue glass lens that offers 50-60% prevention of glare even in the extremely bright environment.
  • It ensures no distortion of images due to its automotive glass technology.
  • It offers equal safety at night due to it’s printed reflector.


  • You will require 5mm Allen Key for installing the bike mirror.

7. CAT EYE Bike Mirror

CATEYE - BM-500G Bike Mirror (left)

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CAT EYE brings you a left bike mirror that has a lightweight design with a wide-angle for better viewing. The mirror is fully adjustable and comes with scratch-resistant technology. It is easy to install and doesn’t require too many tools.


  • You can choose between right or left models to suit your riding preference.
  • The scratch-resistant lens will offer a clear view of the road even after some wear and tear.
  • It is made of sturdy materials to ensure maximum durability and safety.


  • It may vibrate a bit while cycling on bouncy roads.

8. Third Eye Bike Mirror

Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror

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The Third Eye offers you a Bar End convex mirror that enables you to get a correct view angle. The mirror previously used to be convex in shape, but now it has been modified into a flat mirror. It is a great budget pick and comes with a durable, uncluttered design.


  • It is adjustable to offer a full view of the road.
  • It is easy to install and incredibly sturdy for its price.


  • It is old-fashioned and doesn’t offer much sleekness.

9. Bike Peddler Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror (Original)

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It is one of the best bike mirrors with unparalleled functionality and adjustability. It comes with three pivot points to help you get a clear view of the road. You can attach it either to your helmet visor or eyeglasses. The lightweight rear-view mirror can be rotated at a 90° angle for complete adjustments.


  • It easily adjusts to the left or right side. The frameless acrylic lens ensures an uninterrupted and wide range of vision.
  • The three adjustment points prevent any vibration and offer a secure fit.
  • It is available in two sizes to meet the requirements of multiple cyclists.


  • The mount design could have been better for easier installation.

10. Venzo Handlebar Mount Bike Mirror

Venzo Bicycle Bike Handlebar Mount Mirror Blue Lens 75%...

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Venzo offers a 2-year warranty for their unique bike mirrors. It comes with an anti-glare technology that offers up to 75% glare protection. The auto level lens promises a crystal clear field view. The robust build ensures that the mirror won’t break, crack or shake while you are riding downhill.


  • It comes with an anti-reflective coating and A grade finish auto glass. It will offer an unmatched road view.
  • It offers 360° mirror head adjustment with 45° rotation of the clamp joint in the handlebar.
  • The screws are made of stainless steel. It will ensure firm locking of the mirror without the chance of displacements.
  • It has a long arm made of high impact fiber with nylon. It also comes with a fold-away function.


  • The plastic hinge may not be sturdy enough for some bikers.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bike Mirror

Our listed products will help to select the best bike mirror within your budget. We have researched hundreds of reviews to shortlist the ten best products. We have assessed all essential factors including price, brand, ease of installation, durability, functionality, and build quality. You should consider the following before buying a bike mirror —


Going through detailed reviews will help you save time and money. Reviews are a great way to get the best products in the market. Customer reviews will help you understand the product better. To get more insight into the best bike mirrors, you should search for relevant reviews.


A budget Will determine the bike mirror that you will settle for. You should decide your budget first and then search for bike mirrors within that particular range. High price bike mirrors don’t promise you the best functionality. You should see whether the bike mirror has all the essential features and comes under your price range.


Reputed brands offer great value for money. It is obvious to opt for a recognizable brand due to its brand value. However, many new brands have come up with better versions of the bike mirrors at lower price ranges. Some small companies are manufacturing bike mirrors with greater functionality and value. You should compare all brands, whether big or small, before deciding on a particular model.

Buying Guide for Bike Mirrors

You should look for some essential features before making a purchase. With our top-rated bike mirrors and a detailed buying guide, you will end up with the best bike mirror.

Build Quality

Build quality will significantly impact the functionality of your bike mirror. Before deciding on the materials and construction quality, you need to choose between left or right installation. Check through the manufacturer’s specifications and relevant reviews to get an idea about the quality.

If you want to buy an eyeglass mounted mirror or visor, you need a lightweight build. The mounting arm and mirror should be equally light. Opt for a titanium or stainless steel build mounting arm and synthetic materials like soft acrylics for the lens.

If you want a bike mirror that attaches to the bar end or a handlebar, you need to check the pivot and mounting systems. Your pivot should be made of stainless steel and mounting arms of polycarbonate or resins. Look for a lens with a polished steel finish.


More adjustable bike mirrors will ensure greater road safety. You can tweak the mirror to keep updating to your riding style. It is essential to position the mirror frequently to avoid accidents and get a clear road view. You should opt for a bike mirror with at least two adjustment points.

Most well-built bike mirrors will come with two adjustment points. One will be at the lens base and another on the mounting system itself. It will help you to adjust the mirror as per your requirements. Low budget models have only one adjustment point. Most bike riders are acceptable with a single adjustment point. However, if you want a better view and safety, you should look for a minimum of two adjustment points.


All bike mirrors will not attach to the handlebar of your bike. You should see whether your preferred choice of bike mirror is compatible with the setup of your cockpit. Bike mirrors facilitate a wide spectrum of handlebars. However, if your handlebar is too thin or oversized, it may create a challenge. If the size difference is minor, you can use electrical tapes to install it correctly.

The second thing is to check for your mounting mechanism. If you are willing to purchase a commuting or mountain bike mirror, opt for an inner bar or bar-end mounting system.  However, if you want a racing bike mirror, you should opt for a drop bar mirror. You should also see whether your handlebar has adequate space to hold the mounting system.


Here are two important considerations — lens diameter and reach of your mounting arm. You will find varying reach lengths for center mount bike mirrors whereas bar end mounts come with a standard reach.

You should decide on the lens diameter depending on your bike type and riding style. If you are interested in adventurous or off-road bike riding, opt for a compact lens. For everyday commuting riders go for a wider lens to get a broader field view.

Types of Bike Mirrors

Before rushing to an online site or your nearest store, let’s get better acquainted with the types of bike mirrors. There are mainly four types of bike mirrors —

Handle Bar Mirrors

Handlebar mirrors rank among the top choices of all cyclists around the globe. They ensure top-notch bike safety and are placed at the handlebar end. You can install them in multiple ways depending on the chosen model. You can opt for a handlebar mirror that will adjust to the bar end of your cycle. Some other models may be coupled with a swing-away hinge.

These bike mirrors will offer a proper view of the road and provide optimum safety. However, they come with a limitation. It may be challenging to use it on multiple bikes. They are difficult to take off so you may need to purchase a new one for every bike. Handlebar mirrors may also face some sort of vibrations due to their bike placement.

Eyeglass Mirrors

Eyeglass mirrors are the latest trend among cyclists. You can either attach them to your cycling glasses or regular glasses. These mirrors are integrated with a 3-pivot system to facilitate easy installation in three different places. They offer additional security due to their accurate positioning. They are usually placed at the same eye level or right above it.

Helmet Mirrors

Helmet mirrors are paired with a mounting system that helps it to attach directly onto your helmet. You can connect your helmet with the help of a glue. Alternatively, you can opt for a helmet mirror that comes with an accompanying screw or clamp system to mount it on the shell.

Helmet mirrors come with a major advantage. They are always glued or fixed to your helmet. You can ride multiple bikes wearing the same helmet and mirror.

On Lens Mirror

These types of mirror are the least common among the other three types of mirrors. There are various debates on the functionality of this type of bike mirror. They are fixed to your sunglasses interiors directly on the lens. You can alter the angle with the help of the adjustable swivel system.

However, this type of bike mirror suffers from a significant disadvantage. On Lens, Mirrors are not ideal for seeing glasses. Also, the view of the mirror gets limited due to your head. You need to move your head continually to check traffic or cars behind you.

Myths and Safety Measures

People believe that bike mirrors can distract people while cycling. However, it is nothing more than a common myth. All vehicles have a side mirror to help people scan the traffic. Without a mirror, you can’t check for cars behind you. At first, you may feel tempted to check your mirror continually.

However, over time, you will get more adjusted to the functionality of bike mirrors. Bike mirrors will facilitate easy switching of lanes and keep you protected from accidents. Having a bike mirror should be on your priority list to ensure optimum road safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I buy a bike mirror?

A bike mirror can protect you from severe accidents. Having a rearview mirror will help you switch lanes easily and check for traffic quickly. Often cyclists encounter accidents due to the inability to check for vehicles behind them. You don’t have to turn your head repeatedly when you have a bike mirror. It will prevent road risks and keep you safe at all times.

Moreover, if you regularly commute in a busy lane where there is huge traffic, you should get a bike mirror. It will boost your life safety and confidence while being out on the road. It will also save you from neck pain as you don’t have to turn back repeatedly.

  • What should I opt for — mid bar or bar-end mounting systems?

It depends primarily on the setup of your cockpit. If you have just bought a closed-end grip bike, it is not advisable to trim the ends. However, if you still want a bar end mount, you will need to cut the ends. However, if you want something that offers greater vibration resistance, you should go for a bar end mount. People cycling on gravel or bumpy paths need a bar end mount.

  • Which is better — left or right installation?

There is no hard and fast rule for selecting left or right bike mirror installation. Which side or area of the road you are traveling and where you stay should be the deciding factor. In Europe or the USA, you should opt for a left installation. However, for people living in the UK, a right-side bike mirror is ideal. Your bike mirror should cover all angles of the road and help you get the best possible view.

Final Thoughts

A best budget bike mirror should have a simplistic design with greater functionality. You should opt for a bike mirror that offers a panoramic view of the road behind you. A great bike mirror should facilitate easy adjustment to save the cyclist from accidents. Using a bike mirror will protect you from potential dangers by delivering a clear overview of the traffic behind you.

With our top ten bike mirrors and a detailed buying guide, you can quickly locate the best bike mirror for you. Remember to check the features, price and budget before clicking the purchase option.

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