Best Cycling Gloves for Fall and Winter in 2022

You do not need the temperature to be chilling to get yourself a good pair of cycling gloves. You will feel the need for cycling gloves even if you are cycling for a few minutes and a slightly cold breeze blowing outside. You are sure to be left with numb knuckles and thumbs. This is why you need to get a pair of great pair of gloves that are great for fall and winter.

Best Cycling Gloves for Fall and Winter

Switching to cycling rather than taking up any public transport is always a better idea. But while you think of switching to a healthier way to commute to your workplace or other destinations, you need to get hold of effective accessories that supports your fitness regime. Among all other accessories for any cycler, gloves are one of the most important ones. Perfect cycling gloves for winter and fall are the ones not merely protecting your hands from the cold but that also provides you with perfect grip and comfort while cycling.

Here are some of the best cycling gloves for fall and winter of 2020, these are sure to help you have a better ride.

1. LuxoBike Gloves for Cycling

LuxoBike Cycling Gloves Bicycle Gloves Bicycling Gloves...

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These gloves are best for every sort of cycling. The interior of this glove has four-zone shock-absorbing padding to make sure that you have the least numbness in your hand while cycling. It has a sweat-absorbent microfiber on the thumb. The stretchable lycra on the back of the glove to provide you with a flexible movement. The holes on the back of the gloves offer excellent breathability. This glove can offer amazing protection against any accident.

Pros –

  • It has loops that allow easy removal.
  • You get six color variants.

Cons –

  • Microfiber is only present on the thumb.

2. Giro 100 Proof Gloves

Giro 100 Proof Adult Unisex Winter Cycling Gloves - Black...

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This has to be the simplest gloves there is for cyclers to wear during fall and winter. This glove is made up of a three-finger design. It controls your body heat in temperature to as low as -30 F. it is made up of fleece and nylon. These gloves offer you wind and water resistance. These gloves feature an amazingly extended cuff that offers extra support. The amazing fact is that they offer you a one-year warranty.

Pros –

  • This offers amazing XT-5 insulation, that provides great heating.
  • This product is made up of a mixture of three different fabrics.

Cons –

  • The three-finger design may not be convenient for all.

3. Castelli Estremo Gloves

Castelli 2018/19 Estremo Full Finger Winter Cycling Gloves -...

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When it comes to gloves, leather has to come to your mind. Leather gloves are sure to give you the feel of royalty. The back of your hand and the palm are both textured that offers you an excellent grip on the handlebars. This can retain the heat of your body when it is -10 F outside. This glove promises to protect you from the wind as well as water and any other accidents.

Pros –

  • It may be made of leather but it has a neoprene lining.
  • It has a long cuff that provides you with better flexibility and protection.

Cons –

  • You may not like it if you are not so fond of leather.

4. Pearl Izumi Select Glove

PEARL iZUMi Men's SELECT Glove, Midnight Navy/Arctic, Medium

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If you are a commuter then this is the glove that you should go for. These gloves can also work well for any mountain bikers as well. The manufacturers have blended 50% of different kinds of material with 50% polyester. Which makes it so breathable for cyclers to use. the palm is featured with a synthetic leather specifically provided for shock absorption.

Pros –

  • This glove offers you an amazing grip on the handlebars.
  • The thumb hole is integrated with wicking technology.

Cons –

  • If you are looking for a full finger glove then this is not for you.

5. FireLion Gel Pad Cycling Gloves

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This has to be by far one of the best gloves that are available in the market. It is stylish and extremely effective in every which way. One of the best things about these gloves is that you can access your touchscreen device while these gloves are on. This is efficient in absorbing shock for its amazing gel padding. The interior of these gloves is extremely breathable as well.

Pros –

  • The straps of this glove are amazingly fitted.
  • They are completely affordable.

Cons –

  • The gel padding may not be comfortable.

6. PEARL IZUMI Men’s Elite Gel Gloves

PEARL iZUMi Men's ELITE Gel Glove, Black, Medium

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This is the perfect glove for you if you are looking for a fingerless design. This glove is made up of a blend of multiple materials. You will be provided with amazing breathability when it comes to this glove. They have a gel foam padding that offers you shock absorption. They come with a secure loop offering you a secure fit. You can expect enormous flexibility from this glove.

Pros –

  • This glove is known to offer excellent pressure relief.
  • The glove is made up of superior quality materials.

Cons –

  • You may end up with frozen knuckles.

7. INBIKE Cycling Gloves

INBIKE Bike Gloves Men Half Finger Bicycle Gloves 5mm Gel...

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If you are willing to get more protection from your gloves then going for this pair can be the right decision. This glove here comes with an extremely thin gel padding. But, these are extremely efficient to offer you amazing protection against any accident. You will notice that there are tons of holes on the back of the hand and are made up of lycra. This is an amazing choice if you are opting for a finger-less design.

Pros –

  • It comes in an extremely thin gel padding of 5mm and yet is efficient.
  • It offers amazing breathability.

Cons –

  • Only two color variants are available.

8. Yobenki Unisex Winter Gloves

Yobenki Winter Gloves for Men Women Cycling Gloves Anti Slip...

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This glove is made up of double fleece fabric that retains the temperature of your hand no matter how old it is outside. This glove here offers you amazing breathability. The superior material quality is also known to offer amazing flexibility. You can also access your touchscreen device while these gloves are on. The silicon printing on the gloves offers you an amazing grip. You get amazing wind and water-resistant from this glove.

Pros –

  • The gloves have non-slip technology that offers a commendable grip.
  • This glove can be used by men or women, as it is available in huge size variants.

Cons –

  • The product is only available in black.

9. Cevapro Winter Gloves

Cevapro Winter Gloves Touch Screen Gloves Cold Weather Warm...

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Go for these amazing cycling gloves. This glove here is made up of double fleece fabric that will offer you warmth even when it’s chilling outside. The fabric also makes this glove flexible and breathable as well. It is also efficient in absorbing sweat. It comes with an amazing sensitivity to the touchscreen facility, which allows you to operate your smartphone. The TPU is made up of extremely high quality making it waterproof and water-resistant.

Pros –

  • It comes with an amazing 3D design on the inside.
  • It comes with silicone padding on the inside of the glove making it skid-proof.

Cons –

  • Only the thumb and the index finger are touchscreen sensitive.

10. FanVince Winter Warm Gloves

Winter Gloves Touch Screen Insulated Warm Glove - Windproof...

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This may be the last of the list but this glove can never be undermined. This comes in a windproof and polyester blend fabric. It is also featured with thermal TR cotton to retain the warmth of your hands. This is efficient in resisting wind and water from getting in contact with your hand. This is a unisex glove that comes in a huge range of size variants. The manufacturer also offers a 100% moneyback guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the gloves.

Pros –

  • The inside of the palm is featured with anti-slip silica gel palm padding.
  • The glove is extremely lightweight and flexible.

Cons –

  • There is no color variant available.

Buyer’s Guide for Cycling Gloves for Fall and Winter

It might very simple to choose gloves for yourself, but the job of choosing the gloves that is just perfect for you is not so easy. To know the ideal gloves that fit you, you need to know the features you should be looking for in your cycling gloves. From the fabric to its insulation, check out all the features that you must be looking for in the gloves to fit you in the best way possible.

  • Fabrics – When it comes to fabrics you are sure to come across lycra, spandex, nylon and synthetic, or even mixed. But, the perfect way to know the ideal fabric is to make sure that it is breathable and has a lightly insulated interior. Also, make sure that the gloves are stretchable enough to give you the freedom to move your hand and fingers as you want.
  • Fit – While choosing gloves, you need to make sure that it keeps a fair balance between being fitted and leaving a little room to move your fingers comfortably. You can measure your hand with the use of a tailor measuring tape. If you find that your measurement is between sizes, always go for the larger size.
  • Grip – You need to make sure that the gloves you are going to have a good gripping function. When it is about ‘cycling’ gloves, gripping is an important factor you should be looking for. Here are some of the grip types you will come across – silicone grips on the tips of every finger, gel padding, or another type of gripping augmentation.
  • Padding – This is also one of the most important things you need to consider. You should go to firm padding which is light as well. The comfort of your hands will depend on the padding to a great extent. If you are not careful while choosing the gloves with the right padding you might end up limiting the movement of your hands.
  • Waterproof – If you live in an area where it snows, then you must look for this feature in your gloves. Your cycling tour can also get called off due to rain, which is why you need to get a pair of waterproof gloves. To keep up the traction you will require a pair of waterproof gloves.
  • Accessing Touchscreens – You would need to operate your phone at any time of your cycling tour, this is why you would require to check whether the gloves will allow you to access your smartphone. It can be a complicated job to take off your gloves every time you need to access your smartphone.
  • Wicking – Even though it is the season of fall or winter, you are surely going to sweat. Thus your gloves have to absorb the sweat from your skin and the fabric and let it evaporate. Wicking is the feature of the gloves through which it is possible.
  • Breathability – It is quite fair that you will be sweating while cycling, which is why you need to make sure that the gloves you are going to purchase are breathable. No matter whether it is for fall, summer, or winter you do not want your sweat to build up under the gloves.
  • Protection – Make sure that your gloves are offering you the best sort of protection during an accident. Many gloves come with rigid panels and many other additional features that can protect your hand from any damage during any unfortunate situation.
  • Insulation – While buying winter gloves you need to make sure that are well insulated and are under ten degrees or lower. When you are cycling you will not want your hands to get frozen, thus go for a pair of gloves that can endure -40 F.
  • Types of Gloves – There is a huge variety of types of gloves that you can choose from to wear during fall and winter. Some gloves can be used during all seasons and others are specifically made for the fall and winter season. Here are the types of gloves you should be looking out for –
  • Full Finger Gloves – These gloves might seem to you like winter gloves, but there is more to them. These gloves appear to have a sleek appearance and have a little amount of fabric on them. This offers you a better grip on the handles. These gloves normally come with silicone grips on the fingers and palms. It may also have gel padding.
  • Mittens – These gloves mostly come in a three-finger design. You might also get one with mit design with a thumb. They are not sturdy, which is quite evident but can insulate your fingers to a great extent. These are found in the lowest temperatures.
  • Winter Gloves – Huge range of gloves falls under this category. Gloves that are windproof and can endure low temperatures can be considered under this category. These are padded but have a lesser rate of efficiency which manufacturers are still working on.
  • Mountain Bike Gloves – These are the gloves that are known to have maximum efficiency. They come with a textured palm, which provides you with the utmost traction. You can also find mountain bike gloves with amazing gel padding, grip, and shock absorption capabilities.

FAQs Regarding Best Cycling Gloves for Fall and Winter

1. What fabric is best suited for fall and winter?

This may depend on the area you live in and your preference. If it’s windy where you cycle then you must go for polyester. Fleece and polypropylene are best for winter running and weather resistance respectively.

2. Why not go for a glove that is tighter at the wrist or cuff?

It may feel that the tighter it is on the cuffs the better fit it will provide, but this is completely impractical. The tighter it is on your cuffs the more difficulty you will face in moving your hand.

3. Is it better to get two separate pairs for winter and summer?

The answer is hard – yes. As both the season ask for extremely different from each other, it is better to get two different gloves for both the season. The required features of the gloves will change by the weather.

4. How to wash cycling gloves?

You can machine wash the gloves made up of polyester or microfiber just by throwing them in the washing machine. Other fabrics will require to be hand-washed and may even have to be brushed with a bristle brush.


Make sure that you choose the ideal pair for you after going through all the detail of the factors it has to offer you. Every glove has its specific features that will help you withstand the chill and wind. The glove must also offer you the perfect amount of comfort. Also, make sure that the glove offers efficiency and traction while riding your cycle. You might be able to get yourself the perfect pair when you go through all the factors and make a choice according to your preference.

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