Best Cycling Sunglasses In 2022: Protect eyes from the sun

Eye protection during a sports activity can do wonders in different aspects of life. Wearing attractive eye gear can make one feel confident, along with protecting the eyes from pollution and sun rays.

Selecting the right pair of sunglasses will do much more than protecting your eyes. Choosing the right pair is the central role before getting on track. The right pair will keep your visibility clear on road freeing your eyes from rain, dirt, and heat.

1. Bollé Shifter

Bollé Shifter Sunglasses Shiny White Large Unisex-Adult

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Bollé fashionable Shifter sunglasses are champions on track. This single piece of eyewear provides great clarity and impact resistance.

The heavy arm grips aren’t too tight on the ears. It gives a firm grip so that you can move your head freely while cycling without the fear of losing it. The arms are slightly bent at the temple which naturally gives the glasses an angular design. The arms are comparatively shorter than a usual sports eyewear.

This particular Bollé Shifter model comes in a red-tinted lens that provides anti-fog properties to keep steam away in humid weather conditions. The NXT material gives highly impact-proof than any usual lens.

It comes with an angular appearance to give a perfect retro and contemporary look.


  • High-quality photo-chromatic lens
  • Hi-fi optical clarity
  • Firm grip Rubber Nosepiece


  • None

2. Oakley Men's Oo9406 Sutro Rectangular Sunglasses

Oakley Men's OO9406 Sutro Rectangular Sunglasses, Matte...

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This particular creation from Oakley Sutro is by far their best and most innovative product to date. The benchmark of this pair is their protection, quality, and performance on the track. They never fog up under any circumstances. The additional fact is, they provide a secured and firm fit that is lighter on the nose and ears.

Oakley’s rival brands are POC, Roka, and 100%. At this cost, neither of them provides premium quality in products as Oakley. Besides these, the Oakley Sutro gives an elite and cool cyclist look while riding on the road.


  • Lightweight
  • Cheaper than its competitor sunglasses


  • Fixed arm
  • Irreplaceable lens

3. TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses

TOREGE Polarized Sports Sunglasses with 3 Interchangeable...

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TOREGE Polarized sunglasses ranks 9.12 out of 10 according to user experience and reviews, which makes it hold #3 position in Best Cycling Sunglasses in 2020. It comes with three lenses:

  • For low light, a light tinted lens
  • For bright sunny days, a grey lens
  • A red tint mirror glass to filter the glare screen

It comes with a spring-loaded design that makes switching between the three lenses a doodling task. Thanks to the creators!

TOREGE ensures high quality for every lens you want to switch depending on the light. The heavy vent frames are built for air-flow during cycling.

The price of TOREGE Polarized glass is easier to swallow when you get the three lens swap sunglass, a durable hard case, and a cleaning cloth in your package.


  • Wearable at every season
  • Easy Lens swap
  • Scratchproof
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty


  • None

4. Tifosi Eyewear Alliant Gunmetal

Tifosi Optics Alliant Sunglasses Gunmetal/Light Night...

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This is a multi-purpose and must-have product for runners, cyclists, and athletes. The ‘Glare-guard’ technology of the Tifosi Eyewear Alliant Gunmetal sunglasses provide a reliable UV-filtration in the lens. It is anti-fog and anti-glare. The lens of this sunglass is made of single piece durable plastic which makes the product very durable and less obstructive on roads. The hydrophilic rubber makes the grip sweatproof providing a firm grip and stable fit.

These are made from Grilamid TR90 thermoplastic that makes them highly durable and super lightweight apparel.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Stable UV filtration


  • A single lens for every weather

5. Rudy Project Keyblade

Rudy Project Keyblade Sports Cycling Sunglasses - Black...

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If you are looking for a single eyepiece to cover every purpose, this is the one for you. it comes in seven different variants with different frame configurations.

Rudy’s brand new innovative ‘enhanced Vertical Power Flow’ the Keyblades give a life-changing air-control system that promises unmatched vision.

The lenses are durable as they claim to be unbreakable.

It is anti-fog with adjustable ventilation. For people who want powered lenses, the Rudy Projects optical inserts are easily available for them.


  • Photochromatic lens
  • Adjustable vent
  • Clear optics


  • none

6. 100% S2

100% S2 Sport Performance Sunglasses - Sport and Cycling...

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100% is among the brands to start from scratch to the top-most glass brands.

The supreme quality mirror Hiper lens is made with the best Italian technology which gives it a seamless usage. Changing the lens is a challenging task until you master it. The rightly hinged still frames comes along with a clear lens ideal for poor weather, two varieties of nose pieces, a hard case and a bag. The entire package is worth the amount the product demands.


  • UV-protection
  • 360 Degree visibility
  • Interchangeable scratch-resistant lens
  • Made from lightweight polycarbonate


  • Lens changing is difficult

7. ShadyVEU Semi Rimless

ShadyVEU Semi Rimless Neon Rainbow Sunglasses Mirrored Lens...

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The ShadyVEU unisex colorful goggles is ideal for an ultra modern look with a retro vibe. These sunglasses have shatterproof lens with zig-zag arms which gives a sporty look. The glasses are extremely lightweight and ideal for long time wear.

Built with high quality plastic, these goggles are ideal for any light impact sports including cycling.


  • 122 mm arms
  • Mirror coating
  • 13mm bridge
  • UVA and UVB protection


  • None

8. Julbo Rush

Julbo Fury Performance Sunglasses, Black/Green Frame -...

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Julbo ranges are ideal for mountain biking, cycling. The durable sports frame allows full ventilation that prevents air fogging. With plenty of airflows, you get a cool feeling while chasing miles on road.

The Julbo Rush sunglasses comes with adjustable Grip Tech nose temples to keep them in place in every difficult situation. It has a 3D nose cut to fit which is ideal for every nose shape and size.

Depending upon the light intensity, the photochromatic lens becomes lighter or darker within a maximum of 22 seconds span. its reactive category ranges from cat 0(fully clear) to cat 3 (dark for brighter sunshine).  It gives 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC sun rays.


Single piece deep curvature lens

Long metal core arms to easily bend according to the head shape.

Can be used at any light variation


Not lightweight


9. Koo ORION Matt Blue Cycling Sunglasses with Milky Blue Lenses

Kask P1321056 Koo Open Cube Cycling Sunglasses, Light Blue,...

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Orion glasses has adopted the unique one-size an approach that fits all purposes. They come in the adjustable nose bridge and arms size up to 15mm length adjustment. Thus, it is ideal for all head shapes and sizes.

The adjustable arm lengths are for low-key road helmet to heavy-duty mountain-bike helmet that has a low rear section. The frame of Koo Orion glasses is adjustable from the section on the brow. You can keep them closed or open. Both of them give anti-fog experience.

It has Zeiss highly spherical lenses without distortion at the edges.


  • Anti-reflective coating on both front and back surface.
  • Anti-scratch coating for a tougher surface.
  • Adjustable length
  • Superior Quality Single lens
  • Perfect for bight days


  • Multi lens facility absent

10. DUCO Polarized Sports Cycling Sunglasses

Duco Polarized Sports Cycling Sunglasses for Men with 5...

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DUCO polarized glasses are scratch-resistant with adjustable nose pieces and temple ends. It comes with a shield lens built with a durable frame. Designers have left the bottom portion of the lens open. The nose piece is attached to the frame itself which makes the grip tighter and sustainable than any other brand.

The arms are straight and clung tightly in the right place. The deep lens is mid-sized with a decent wrap. Due to short outer edges, some light can bleed at the edges.

As the nose bridge adheres to the frame itself, changing lens can get tricky for beginners. Overall, the product is famous for its superior wind protection. At the price, DUCO provides Swiss technology thermoplastic material, TR90 glasses which are flexible to bend under pressure. These special glasses can bend according to one’s facial structure for a nice fit.


  • Five interchangeable Lenses.
  • UV400 protection.
  • Durable for any weather


  • None

Things to know before buying the Best Cycling Sunglasses

As the name suggests, sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun creating an overall emblematic representation of fashion. Over the years, cycling sunglasses have gained huge popularity among sportspersons. To get the perfect gear for an outstanding biking experience, you should consider the factors stated below:


Lenses play a major role in understanding the right type of sunglasses. The first thing to talk about is the tints. They play a significant role to determine the condition you wear them. Most of the cycling sunglasses come with interchangeable lenses that are easy to switch during bright sunny days or cloudy weather. There are three options available to choose the perfect lens for your cycling experience:

  • Shaded lens – 100% UV protection on bright sun rays.
  • Yellow tinged lens – to brighten up the ambiance.
  • Clear lens – to ride after dark.

The Oakley’s Prizm Lens comes with advanced technology features. They have combined the three varieties into one single lens which automatically adapts for different light conditions to maintain high visibility on dark as well as bright days.

Lens shape 

Even the high-quality lens is useless without the perfect fit. On-road, a good pair of sunglasses protects from sun, heat and keeps the bug away. While on a mountain, it must provide extra protection from stones, gravels, dust that hits the face on a bike.

The lens must provide decent coverage at the center and around the eyes. Select a goggle-like end if you are going for a downhill ride. For on-road cycling, the aero lens gives maximum coverage with unrestricted movement.


Selecting the right frame depending on the face type and size ensures you the right fit. The tips of the arms must fit firmly so that the glasses do not fall off while you quickly check the types by looking down. A lot of cycling visuals are designed with rubber grips to keep them in the right place while biking. You can choose either adjustable arms or rubber grips depending on your preference.


More or less every cycling sunglass has UV protection. Some come with triple or multiple layers, while some give a modest cover. The additional points to look at while buying the perfect cycling visual is to understand the weather condition you will ride your bike. If the area is prone to rainfall, choosing a water-resistant sunglass is ideal. These are made hydrophobic coating that drains the water as soon as it catches the surface of the lens.

If you are riding in a warmer climate, go for sunglasses which are sweat-proof and airy. Oakey and Rudy are some of the popular brands to commit anti-scratch coated glasses that are open on the sides allowing free airflow.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How to understand the right pair of sunglasses for me?

To choose the right sunglass for cycling, research on the lens category, and weather condition you would be using the glass. Before all, know the perfect fit for your face type.

  1. Will I get a prescription lens for my cycling glasses?

Yes. Some brands provide optical help that tests your eyes prescribing the right power for your cycling lens. The coolest option is to switch to a contact lens.

  1. What color lens is best for cycling?

Before coming to the tint, you must understand the light and whether you will be riding your bike. For dark days, choose clear glasses. On sunny days, go for a black, yellow, or grey lens.


Over every information in this article, you should decide the right one for your purpose. There is a wide variety available in the market. Keep your budget, weather, fit, and purpose in mind before selecting the right cycling sunglass in 2020.

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