Best Mountain Bike Under $1000 in 2022

Owning a mountain bike not only looks cool. It can be a multipurpose transport system that you can own. Not every time you need a hi-end bike with over equipment. For normal hiking or a bike ride, a simple sporting ride can enhance your mood and solve your purpose.

This article consists of 11 mountain bikes under $1000 that you can buy in 2020 without breaking the bank. If you have only started with sports, choosing a mountain bike from this list can save your money in exchange for adventurous trips.

Best Mountain Bike Under $1000


Compared to other products available online, the Hyper bike is very affordable with premium quality services. The lightweight bike from Hyper is the ultimate gear to have fun outdoors. It has hydro form aluminum which allows you to ride the bike hard for a long. You can have a great experience on this bike on smoother or rougher surfaces. The bike is flexible enough to accommodate any trail.


  • The bike is designed with1x a system that gives you ease and comfort in riding. Shimano Altus Trigger Shifters allows smooth shifting of gears on road.
  • The 29-inch Hyper explorer Dual extension offers rear and front suspension for an effortless riding experience.
  • The bike comes with alloy rims and rear disc brakes.
  • The standard pedal system ensures a comfortable ride with security and safety.
  • The grips and handlebars are comfortable for longer rides. You will not get any soreness for gripping the bike for long.
  • It comes in a sleek design which can give you a modern look overall.


  • The rider height must be 6 feet or above.
  • The weight of the rider should be a maximum of 275lbs.

2. Hiland 26 Inch Mountain Bike Aluminum with 17 Inch Frame Disc-Brake (Price Range: 379.95)

Hiland Mountain Bike,Shimano 21 Speeds Drivetrain,Aluminum...

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If you are looking for a bike to ride school or office every day across the valley, the Hiland 26 Inche mountain bike is ideal for you. The unique design of the wheels gives the bike a racer look that can turn heads when in action.

Hiland is known for producing extraordinary bikes meant for carrying heavier loads under any situation. The bike is equipped with durable and strong equipment which makes it a must-buy under $1000.


  • The wheel is 26 inches with 17 inches frame size is ideal for daily riding and mountain rides.
  • It uses a double disk brake system allowing stable and safe braking force.
  • Hiland uses the Shimano 21 speed gearbox which promises total grip under any situation.


  • People under 5’1” cannot ride the bike.
  • If you want a bike only to ride in the mountains, there are better options in this price range.

3. Sirdar S-700 Mountain Bike (Price Range: $349.99)

Sirdar S-700 Mountain Bike for Adult and Youth, 27 Speed 26...

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Sirdar is known for the fastest delivery in the United States. You will get the bike within 3-4 days of ordering online. Installing the Sirdar S-700 bike is very simple. It comes with an installation video guidance which makes the process easier.

Unlike other bike companies, Sirdar gives free post-delivery services up to a year of your purchase. The customer services are professional with friendly behavior.


  • The 26” tire gives excellent performance on hilly terrain at any season. The smooth gear shifting technology makes the bike perfect for mountains, beach, and snow.
  • The rear and front double disc rakes perfectly providing more security and control while bike riding.
  • The bike body is made of aluminum alloy which is lighter than steel which gives a robust rolling momentum. The net weight of the bike is 37.47lb, which is very light for an adult to carry the bike on shoulders.
  • The acceleration for uphill and downhill slopes is perfect because of the finger type shifter 9 rears derailleur and 3 rears front derailleur.


  • None

4. Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike (Price Range: $235.66-$988.00)

Schwinn GTX Elite Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike, Dual Sport...

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The High Timber is ready for a ride for trails or pavements. The bike is available in twelve different shades and designs. The only difference between the twelve models is the frame style. Buyers are free to choose the suitable one according to their height.


  • You can change gears smoothly on track with the Shimano rear derailleur and 7-speed Shimano twist shifters.
  • It is suitable for riding at an incline and on any surface.
  • The Schwinn suspension fork and steel frame combination are highly durable and responsive to ride at type terrain.
  • Due to the presence of rear and front alloy, you get strong stopping power strong during emergencies.


  • Buyers claim the bike to be too small for an adult.
  • You might face difficulties in riding the bike if you are 6 feet or more.

5. Mongoose Dolomite Men's Fat Tire Mountain Bike (price range: $324.50)

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-inch...

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The Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike is the first fat-tire bike to make it in the list of best mountain bikes under $1000 and it’s worth it. You get a super stylish looking bike with black anti-slip fat tires that is ideal to ride in the mountains.


  • The steel frame is surprisingly durable and hardy. Getting a fat tire mountain bike with such specs at this range is a rare thing.
  • It has a cushioned saddle that gives comfortable positioning while riding.
  • The light weighing steel alloy frame makes the bike light in weight instead of having fat tires.
  • The mechanical disk brake performs best on track.
  • Even with minimum technical knowledge, you can assemble the Dolomite Mountain Bike easily.


  • Some of the buyers claimed the gears to be unsafe.
  • There are complaints about receiving damaged parts in the packaging. Some parts were also missing.


The wheels include designable spokes that look very stylish on track. The bike is easy to ride and assemble. You can fold it perfectly at the car trunk to the office or any other places. Folding takes a minimum of 20 seconds.

Not all brands give you ample color options to choose from like BEIGOO. Get these unique design bikes at extremely affordable pricing and specifications online.


  • The high quality skid-resistant anti-wear tires are adaptive to any terrain.
  • The comfortable seating does not cause back pain.
  • Your transmission stays protected due to the presence of a rear protector.
  • The 26” high tensile steel folding frame makes the bike lightweight for riding. It is durable so you can use it for a longer time.
  • Apart from being lightweight, it can bear heavy loads effortlessly.
  • The steady gearing does not require a lot of maintenance. Remember to clean the bike before folding the bike for the next use.


  • None


Available in two colors, the CSS 21 speed bike delivers what it promises on its package. The bike is environmentally friendly, very easy to install, and light in weight. If you’re looking for a perfect bike to carry to the mountain and at work, this is the perfect one. You get free rear reflectors, mudguards, bells, inflators, gas nozzle lights, and guard chain stickers with the package.


  • The aluminum alloy frame makes the bike light weighing and travel friendly.
  • The bike consists of Kone Disc brakes that can resist the 21 speed of the CSS Mountain Bike.
  • The saddle is thick and comfortable with a non-slip plastic paddle.
  • The non-metal paddle makes less the bike less probable to any injury.
  • The bike is comfortable and safe to ride on monsoon or snowy streets. The anti-slip wheels make your ride safe from injury.
  • The front fork absorbs shock on road.


  • The brakes, frame, and other specifications could have been better.


CSS bikes are popular in the US for their speed range and full suspension. The folding bike is strong to carry heavy loads. The folds are easy to maintain and use. Overall, this is a very durable bike.

It is safe to ride the bike on any terrain.  The main attraction of the bike is the wheel design. You surely will turn a lot of heads on the street while riding this model of CSS mountain bikes.


  • It is made of a High Carbon Steel Frame that you can fold effortlessly.
  • It consists of a U-shaped front fork shock absorber, foldable soft tail Shock absorber frame, T-shaped cutter ring that is fit to take your bike at any terrain.
  • The Semi-aluminium brake lever, silver-star mechanical disc brake, Aluminium alloy disc brake, and steel chain with steel positioning protects you from accidents while riding at the highest speed.
  • The sturdy non-skid tires provide excellent resistance from punctures on road.
  • You can adjust the seat and handle it according to your height.


  • None


The LP-LLL Mountain Bike is the ideal choice for cyclists. The unique tires give a premium disk brake system making your ride shock-proof and comfortable. It is a fat tire mountain bike that has a carbon steel frame with a double-disc brake system. The bike is equipped with a total of four types of gears – 7 gear, 21 gear, 24 gear, and 27 gear – which makes it durable and safe on road.


  • The carbon steel frame gives the bike high strength to balance heavier weight. The bike itself is very light in weight.
  • Since this is a stunt bike, it is ideal for riding on mountains, roads beaches, and snow trail.
  • The frame is equipped with different forces which minimize shock while riding.
  • The bike is very easy to control on any road surface.


  • The bike does not come with a mudguard.

10. Eurobike X1 27.5 Mountain Bike three-spoke wheel (Price Range: approx $900)

Mountain Bike 27.5 for Men and Women X1 Frame Adult 3 Spoke...

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Euro bikes are quite famous all over the world for its sustainability and specification. The 40 pounds bike looks stunning on street maintaining a stable performance on every road surface. The best part is that the bike arrives at almost 85% package. You have to assemble the remaining parts with the tools that Eurobike provides in their package.


  • The bike has a remarkable braking system to provide ample safety for riders.
  • It has mag wheels of 3 spoke system which gives a fascinating feeling on road.
  • It is ideal if you are between 5’7” to 5’11”.


  • The bike does not have a mudguard.


This unisex bike comes with a sturdy design to take on-trail at any season. It is a folding bike with a thick hardy frame and 5 spoke magnesium wheel. The Black, blue, and white combination make the bike look stunning on snow-filled mountain terrains.


  • It consists of a 26” High Tensile Steel Frame which is foldable.
  • With the high speed functioning Qazqa bike you can hit the roads speedily. Its unique disc brake technology cools the bike slowly after using the brake.


  • None

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mountain Bike under $1000

Buying a mountain bike for under $1000 might look absurd. The specification, design, brand tag, performance, and sustainability cannot come together under affordable pricing. But in reality, it can!

Here is a buyer’s guide that will give you a generous idea of what a mountain bike under 1000 dollars is capable of providing.

1. Types of Mountain bike

Just similar to regular road bikes, not all mountain bikes are the same. The subsections are designed depending on the difficulty level of the trail. The majority of them are hardtail bikes suitable for trail riding.

  • Cross Country Riding

This type of bike riding is the safest form of mountain biking. Cross Country Riding includes trails containing gravel, loose dirt, hard-packed dirt, and other tree obstacles.

To ride such trails, dual suspension bikes are not necessary. Riding on a dual suspension bike can reduce your on-trail performance because it requires excessive pressure while paddling. Rear suspensions are also known for adding extra weights. Therefore, to ride at Cross Country trails, investing in a lightweight bike is ideal.

  • Trail Riding

Trail riding is one step advanced than Cross Country Riding and between the all-purpose mountain bike riding. You can take a Trail Riding bike to ride for climbs, descents, or flat surfaces. Go for dual suspension bikes to ride effortlessly with a larger gear range on any trail you wish.

2. Frame Materials

Under 1000 dollars, you will not get ample frame material options to choose from. Aluminum is pretty handy and durable for all bikes. Besides that, the pricy carbon frames start around this pricing. But those are the entry-level ones. You will not get a high functioning carbon frame but aluminum will do great under $1000.

3. Brakes, components, and drivetrain

Under $1000 you will get a wide range of drivetrains to chose from.

Most of the rear cog sets under this pricing either gives 9 or 10 speed, if you are spending below $500 the speed range will go from 7 or 8-speed cassettes.

The 1x drivetrains are leading the market because of the simplicity. They are pretty low maintenance without the necessity of a front derailleur. Executing a rear derailleur shift is way too simple than battling the execution of a front derailleur.

4. Tire and Wheel Size

Tires are the most important thing to look at before buying a mountain bike. Under $1000 you will get both 27.5 inch and 29 inches wheel size which are great for mountainous terrain. For some bike models, the wheel size depends on the frame size. if it is bigger, the wheel size will be 29”, while a smaller frame will have a 27.5-inch wheelset.

5. Bike weight

The lighter the Bike easier it is to use on road. Nowadays, you will get light weighing wheelsets on mountain bikes that are engineering using aluminum frames.

You can expect to find a bike weighing 12 to 14 kgs on average under this range.

The bike will be lighter in weight if that contains an aluminum frame, a 27-29inch wheelset, and a front suspension fork. The more you increase your budget with this setup, the lighter bike you get.

6. Gears

It might seem that having more gears means more durability. A crisp shift of gear on the trail i=will save you from accidents. It will also react to ascent and descent very smoothly. You can simply get a bike of 1×10 or 1×11 under $1000 which is a splendid option for mountain riding.


That’s all the necessary information for the buyer’s guide. If you are someone who is not mechanically advanced about mountain bikes, read the criteria carefully before choosing your bike online or offline.

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