Rocky Mountain Altitude 799 MSL: Your Partner for the Rough Uphill Rides

Mountains have been the ultimate destination for enthusiastic mountain bikers. If you have studied even a bit about biking in the trail and rocky terrains of the mountains, you would know how treacherous it is.

It is this lust of adventure that attracts bikers from far off places to take a ride on it. This amazingly superior class mountain bike, Rocky Mountain Altitude 799 MSL seems to be designed for paths that unruffled.

Here Comes the Rocky Mountain Altitude 799 MSL

This amazingly designed mountain bike possesses both the end of the next-gen Race Face Next Carbon Bars which has a one-piece spider. You will be amazed at how lightweight this bike is, it is just of 12kgs. The pedals of this bike are screwed into a superior quality endure crankset. The lightweight of this mountain bike helps its rider move fast and handle it the best way. This bike gives you a robust performance with the smart technology used behind designing it.

Components to Take a Look On

Multiple other components have been used together to design such a beast. There are too many major elements and techniques used in this that need detailed mention.

  • This bike has a 30mm axle in the BB92 Press Fit bottom bracket shell that is utilized in chain securing a narrow wide ring.
  • The gearing is SRAM XX1 and that of the rims is Reynold’s Carbon All Mountain. The manufacturer has kept it light but has not compromised on the potential of the cycle.
  • The frame of the cycle is a Smoothwall carbon, that has hard mandrels on the internal side. This provides the exact pressure shaped tube walls both externally and internally.

You will notice that each internal cable entry port is adjoined with a smooth blister. This proves the high intensity of precision that has been put into the designing of the bike. It can give you consistent performance even in the most uneven tracks, with the help of the 2.4in Ardent tires.

The manufacturers have gone a step ahead and introduced a DMD front derailleur mounts that are built in the chain stay front end. You can avoid the mud with these. This bike offers you an amazing shock absorbing capability with a rotatable Ride-9 chip that can hold the front of the shock, as well as you can change the shock rate and geometry. You can easily ride steeps up and down with its amazing technology.

Riding Experience

This bike has been proved to offer you with the best in class performance in the most unruffled paths. This is one of the most lightweight bikes and it offers breakthrough with its amazing performance. The tires are thin and lightweight as well. You can give yourself the adrenaline rush you were seeking with this bike. There is no doubt it righteously justifies its name. This is designed and crafted precisely for the uneven terrains, one like the Rocky Mountains. But you can also ride this monstrous yet sleek-looking bike on the smoothest of tracks. It offers you the best in class performance as it is designed with superior quality elements.

In Conclusion

Overall, this bike here promises you to offer the most amazing ride on the uneven mountain terrain. It also guarantees you complete control over the bike no matter at what speed you are pacing. But it may have some issues with shock-absorbing technology. Apart from that, this is an amazing bike that surely deserves a place in your 10 robust mountain bikes. The features are capable to please any mountain biker.

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