The Felt Decree Mountain Bike: Your Best Ride for the Adventure Trails

A mountain bike with robust performance to heart-winning ascending and descending is a dream for every enthusiastic mountain biker. This is where Felt Decree Mountain Bike comes in. The dream meets reality with this monstrous mountain bike with efficient performance.

The furious Decree has some of the new and best suspension platforms that come with a whopping 27.5 wheels. The wheels have a relaxed and extended geometry. One thing that makes Felt Decree extremely exclusive is its weight which can be rounded to 24lb.

It may sound a bit on the heavy side but is still the lightest model in the price range. With a rear suspension of 140mm and the front suspension with 150mm, this bike can be your best trail companion.

What Makes it Unique?

If you were looking for a front frame triangle that is on the chunkier side, then this edition of Felt is for you. The front triangle is extremely chunky. From all the other bikes in this price range, this one comparatively has the fattest front frame triangle. The makers have tried to achieve robustness with this chunky design.

Superior Suspension

When it comes to trail bikes suspension becomes one of the most significant things. Hence, Felt has introduced the Felt Active Stay Technology or FAST. Unlike any other mountain bike, this one does not have any rear pivot. Instead, the transition of the shape of the rear triangle is smartly handled by brilliantly designed bends in the seat stays.

Felt is the only brand to intelligently utilize this newly introduced technology in trail bikes. They have bent the seat stays in the shape of a bow. The bow bends backward as it moves along the stroke. This makes the suspension incredibly efficient. As the Felt Decree reaches the maximum travel rate the suspension firms up.

They have also introduced the new Flip Chips technology, or that is what Felt calls it. This technology is used in the rear suspension linkage. These are aluminum nuggets that are rotated to adjust the bottom bracket height and head angle.

Riding Experience

This monstrous bike promises a high-class performance. This has the potential of a country machine, yes, you can expect to ride this bike on all sorts of terrain. This bike is capable of providing outstanding performance even on the most treacherous trails. No matter how uneven and rough the road is you will be able to take on the path with this robust mountain bike.

It can offer you the smoothest transition from a rough to a smooth path and vice versa. No matter how chunky it may seem on the outside, this light frame bike is the best companion for any mountain biker. You will be able to keep the pace that you want with its 2.4 tires and premium class suspension technology. This bike is designed to offer its rider with an uninterrupted smooth riding experience.

Other Key Components That Deserve a Mention

You will be amazed to hear that frame is crafted precisely to work smoothly with a 34t chainring. It offers the best chain stay for its riders, even if they have reached 38t chainring. This beast of a mountain bike offers the smoothest shifting range no matter where you are driving.

Final Thoughts

This trail bike may be pricey but it is surely one of the best lightweight mountain bikes that require mention. Given the superior performance it provides and its amazing grip on suspension, this trail bike ought to be the favorite of many mountain bikers and enthusiasts.     

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