How to Size a Kid’s Bike?

Nowadays, almost everything can be bought from eCommerce platforms like Amazon. Kid’s bikes are no exception. Any visitor can choose the bike of his choice from a wide range of brands and designs available in the standard eCommerce stores.

There are a number of points that need to be kept in mind before one could actually find the right bike choice. When it comes to kids, the choice becomes quite tough especially in sizing the right bike. Let us discuss some of these points in detail below:

Choosing the perfect frame which would suit your kids riding – A kid’s bike is a kid’s bike! His safety and comfort must be kept in mind before choosing any particular design. The frame comes in metal or fiber. This is the most important structural component of a bike and it is not adjustable like other components of the bike.

Hence, you must be careful before making a choice regarding the frame of your kid’s bike. This part is not adjustable and so you need to take the right decision regarding the frame of the bike chosen.

A kid’s bike has a smaller frame. The science of a kid’s bike is similar to a mountain bike. The smaller frame helps in maintaining the right balance by lowering the center of gravity. Hence, you must look for a bike that has a small frame and lowers the center of gravity. Safety is always the primary concern for your kids and hence, we recommend you purchase the necessary safety gear like a helmet and knee caps.

A kid’s bike needs proper adjustment since the safety and comfort of the child is of primary importance. Today, there are several kids bike companies who have totally revolutionized the entire process of bike manufacturing. They are making important adjustments to best suit the expectations of kids. We have to understand that their safety and well being is very important.

Take the correct inseam measurement – Make your child stand tall and take an accurate inseam measurement. The inseam measurement is taken from the feet to the level of the crotch where the leg meets the waist. The sizing of the seat should be based on the inseam measurement.

The seat adjustment should not be equal to the inseam length. It should be smaller than the measurement to give your child the perfect style and balance while riding. Bike riding is a science and the components of a bicycle are meticulously designed keeping science and aesthetics in mind.

Use the inseam measurement for seat tube length calculations – The seat tube length calculations must be multiplied by 67 to get the perfect seat tube bar length.

Adjustable wheel diameters to help children’s bikes – The children’s bikes cannot be purchased every year. Hence they allow flexibility to accommodate all types of wheels mainly in the range of 12, 16, and 20-inch wheels.

Go for an adjustable kid’s bikes which allow the bike to accommodate different growth spurts while allowing the child to ride the bike with the comfort and safety parameters kept unchanged.

Seat height adjustment for leg space comfort – The seat height adjustment is one of the most important aspects associated with sizing a kid’s bike. The seat length should be adjusted such that the kid’s legs are slightly bent while paddling.

Under no circumstances should the length of the seat stretch the kid’s legs completely straight. This would mean that the length of the seat is not at par with the child’s height.

Select the reach which is comfortable for the child – You must choose a reach which is very comfortable for the child. The child must also learn how to cooperate and understand his comfort level. For kids above the age of 8, finding out his comfort level is not very difficult.

Thus, the comfort level must be identified using a trial and error method loop. To understand the comfort level of your kids, you must check the following points:

  • The child can reach the brakes with utmost ease
  • His elbows are slightly bent
  • The child can bend from the waist
  • Check if the child can paddle smoothly

Attend a bike sizing session – This is basic coaching for parents. If you want to become the perfect size for your kid’s bike, then you should always attend a bike sizing session. It will give you a detailed understanding of how the entire process is carried out by professionals.

You will learn the basic mechanisms of a kid’s bike and also know how to ride it with perfection. Professional bike sizing sessions help bike owners become perfect bike experts. It is also understandable that the entire process of bike sizing takes a while to understand. Hence, it is very important to have a full-fledged exposure to bike sizing. You would be able to size your own bike after attending these sessions.

Watch YouTube Videos – There are a lot of YouTube videos available that show bike sizing. The YouTube videos are uploaded by sizing experts who have ample experience and understand the nuances of bike sizing. If you follow the videos carefully, you will understand that these videos are uploaded to help the general public become aware of the different nuances of bike sizing.

You will find dedicated videos to help you with the kid’s bike adjustments.

Take the bike to a local bike repairing shop – As a last resort; you can take the bike to a shop for sizing it. You can always find a good bike store handy if you know how to conduct a thorough search on Google. Apart from Google, you can also take the help of local business directories and guides. These places have ample information about local services.


Sizing a kid’s bike requires a thorough understanding of the working mechanism of a bike. Hence, it is very important for parents to learn bike sizing or follow the best reference guides to size a kid’s bike. A bike is a kid’s prized possession. Hence, he will never compromise with its comfort and quality!

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